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The Great Man Who Gave Away 30 Million Dollars

by Abbey

   I just learned that a famous, colorful and charming American philanthropist is dead.  I had always loved his book, Ask for the Moon and Get It: The Secret to Getting What You Want by Knowing How to Ask.  His name was Percy Ross. Maybe you heard of him. Ross gave away an estimated thirty million dollars to various charities and organizations. He also wrote a syndicated newspaper column, called Thanks a Million, for approximately 800 nationwide newspapers for 17 years. The column contained letters from people writing Ross, telling him their story and asking for his help. It was fascinating.

    It was fascinating because Ross could always see through people. He would read their letters and sense if they were sincere, or lazy, or begging. And he always replied with words of wisdom and sometimes with a check. He gave checks 120 times per week. And in 17 years he gave away about $30,000,000.  The thing is, Ross started with two million dollars!

Do you see the giving principle at work here?

    Ross began with two million dollars as his source funds. You may not have that amount, but the story still holds true. In 17 years Ross gave away thirty million dollars!  Again, giving leads to receiving.
Consider: Have you ever experienced a situation where you were asked to donate money to a particular cause, and looking at your shrinking bank balance you were torn between giving money or not? Many people have told me stories about being in this exact situation, but after deciding to go ahead and make a donation, these same people were very surprised when suddenly a sum of money came to them from some unexpected source to replace the money they just gave away.  The truth is, if you hold on to your money, you risk losing the very thing you are hoarding. On the other hand, if you trust good things flow to those who give freely, you will always have funds available to suit your needs.

    To prove this, look at Percy Ross. He started his charitable ways with $2 million dollars and yet over the course of 17 years donated some $30 million dollars!
I miss Percy Ross.  But now you can take his place.

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