How to apply for Juventus football Club scholarship trials online (Application form, Registration, and requirements)


A good number of club players rose in the Youth School Clubs with the help of Juventus football team who showed their excellence to join the team. A good number of undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled in the school by young people.

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How to apply for Everton football Club scholarship trials online (Registration, and requirements)


In order to train the next generation of professional footballers the Everton football Academy was set up. The academy through the help of world-class and accomplished sports experts put students through the core rudiments of the game. With the state-of-the-art fitness facilities at the academy, students also get to keep up with the best kind of fitness in the sport.

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How to apply for AC Milan football Club scholarship trials online (Application form, Registration, and requirements


Those who require Football Academy Scholarships from Europe are also welcome at the club if they meet the criteria. Reading through the history of AC Milan Club reveals that many of their squad members rose through the ranks from the Academy. During the AC Milan Academy registration process, students are introduced to various programs based on their age and level of experience. The players are not only subjected to physical driling, but they are also exposed to the psychological aspects required to excel as a professional footballer. More young people are recruited into the AC Milan Youth Academy through open trials.

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How to apply for Leicester city football Club scholarship trials online (Application form, Registration, and requirements)


Leicester City’s Academy has produced some of the world’s most reputable footballers over the years. The Football Academy is dedicated to identifying talented young players and providing quality coaching in conjunction with a relevant education package in order to produce young men of integrity capable of playing professional football at the Premier League and Football League levels.

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How to apply for Manchester city Football School scholarship online (Application form, Registration, and requirements)


The Manchester City Soccer Camp are held in the city of Manchester, England. Participants get the opportunity to get a football scholarship learn the philosophy and methodology of their favorite club and train like their favorite stars at the official training grounds of Manchester City.

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How to apply for Real Madrid Foundation Football scholarship online (Download Application form, Registration, and requirements)


Most of the World’s best footballers have played in Real Madrid. The Clubs sit comfortably as the richest club in the world. With a net valuation of over $4.2 billion ahead of closest rival Barcelona Football Club. Real Madrid is also the club with the highest number of UEFA Champions League Titles. It has a record of breaking the world record of transfer fees and is still at it.

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