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PSTNET Review: Unlocking affiliate Success with Virtual Cards

by Abbey

In the world of online advertising, PSTNET stands out as a game-changing platform, designed to maximize your ROI by minimizing expenses. With a focus on cost optimization, PSTNET provides users with a comprehensive solution, backed by a wealth of features and advantages. In this concise review, we’ll explore how PSTNET has become a top choice for seasoned arbitrage professionals.

The Power of Cost Reduction

PSTNET recognizes the importance of cutting costs to boost ROI. By categorizing commissions into four main groups, including account/card top-up fees, card costs, cashback, and transaction fees, PSTNET empowers users to make informed decisions. The results are striking, with the Private program offering a mere 0.4% total commission rate, a fraction of what other services charge.

Unlocking the Benefits

PSTNET’s Private program is the key to optimizing ROI. With three subscription tiers, users gain access to a package of cards, up to 100 of them monthly (with extensions available), along with a 3% cashback on advertising spending and down to 3% top-up discount. This program doesn’t just reduce costs; it offers a holistic solution for boosting ROI.

KYC and Fees

PSTNET stands out by offering KYC verification, a feature many other providers lack. While some users have reported automatic verification upon subscription, the process remains a standout feature. Additionally, PSTNET charges a $5 fee for top-ups under $50, attributing it to small crypto transaction fees. Users are also provided with a list of prohibited MCC codes, which restrict certain financial products and services. PSTNET currently offers cards in dollars only.

BINs, Variety, and Security

PSTNET boasts an impressive lineup of 25 BINs, offering a wide range of choices for marketing specialists. With three of these BINs supporting 3Ds, PSTNET enables users to navigate the evolving landscape of online advertising efficiently.

Competition and Conclusion

In the competitive landscape, PSTNET shines with KYC verification, a broad range of BINs, and comprehensive support. Virtual cards have evolved from essential tools for marketers into potential sources of income. PSTNET, with its diverse offerings, is a leader in this field, providing not only specialized cards for arbitrage but also versatile options for everyday expenses.

As you weigh your options, PSTNET’s unique features and comprehensive approach make it a compelling solution, offering a path to higher ROI and sustained success in the ever-changing world of online advertising and affiliate marketing.

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