Cisco 300-415 Exam: Embracing Digital Transformation with a Training Program that Matters


As more and more organizations embrace digital transformation, one thing is becoming obvious. Traditional network architectures aren’t the solution to the complex new technologies. That’s where Cisco CCNA solutions come in to help companies achieve critical business needs while reducing operational costs.

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16 Countries With Green Yellow Red Flags (Pan-African colors)

Ethiopia, Mali, Senegal, Lithuania, Benin, Togo, Guinea, Cameroon, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Burkina Faso, Sao Tome and Príncipe, Republic of the Congo, Bolivia, Myanmar, and Saint Kitts and Nevis are currently the 16 countries with With Green Yellow Red Flags.

With the achievement of independence after World War II, about 12 African countries adopted the use of green yellow red colors of their flags which were later known as the Pan-African movement and PAIGC colors. Other countries that also use the same color are the Republic of Lithuania located in the Baltic region of Europe and Bolivia in central-south America, Myanmar, and Saint Kitts and Nevis.

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In which country is Flanders? (History, Geography and politics)


Flanders refers to a region in Belgium. The Flemish region, also known as Flanders, is located at the northern part of Belgium occupying an area of ​​approximately 5,221 square miles (approximately 44% of Belgium) and inhabited mainly by the Dutch speaking community. The region is divided into five provinces with a total of 300 municipalities. Dutch is the official language of the Flemish region although French is also used as an administrative language. The region has around 7.9 million inhabitants (68.5% of the Belgian population).

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History of The Red black Green Pan-African colors flag (Meaning, Usage, Variants and Marcus Garvey)

History of The Red black Green Pan-African colors flag

The red, black, and green is a true symbol of black nationalism and African liberation throughout the world, the pan-African colors are for every black and proud individual an emblem of the exaltation of Africana self-pride. It served as a model for many African or Caribbean countries such as Kenya, Malawi, Martinique independence flag, and Saint Kitts and Nevis, which through it certainly wanted to mark their adherence or proximity to the pan-African teachings of Marcus Garvey. The three colors (our colors), are inseparable from our struggles, and are regularly raised by various Afro-nationalist militant movements in the streets when we go out to defend our rights and our community.

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3 Countries with Non-rectangular and Square-shaped Flag

countries with non-rectangular and square-shaped Flag

countries with non-rectangular and square-shaped Flag Nepal, Switzerland, and Vatican City are currently the 3 countries with a non-rectangular national flag. The official flag of Nepal is the only non-quadrilateral flag in the world. The flag of Switzerland is square-shaped while the Vatican city flag is a two square-shaped design. Check out More: 14 Countries …

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Lisa Ellen Goldberg NYU Wagner Master Scholarship In The USA 2020-2021


   Apply for the Lisa Ellen Goldberg NYU Wagner Scholarship to study for free in the United States. The Lisa Ellen Goldberg Fellowship provides a full-tuition scholarship and is open to students admitted for full-time study in Master of Public Administration or Master of Urban Planning degree programs. In addition to financial support, Goldberg Fellows …

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