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Best Summer Clothes & Accessories to Sell This Month

by Abbey

We’re getting closer to warmer and longer days, which means only one thing- summer shopping. We can tell you that we are ready for this season with complete new catalogs with a wide range of trendy and evergreen products for everyone. Summer 2021 is dictated by the latest trends, and we can tell that it includes various colors, but yellow dominates. You’ve probably made your own shopping list for this summer, and we bet it contains these products:


Swimsuits are a necessity for this season like in previous years. It’s number one for selling every year, whether you go to the beach or a pool in your background. Especially for women, there are numerous bikini models with many different colorful summer designs. We can only tell that lemon print and neon colors are the most popular for bikinis. You can also find one-piece swimsuits and many models for kids with different animals and cartoon characters prints. The key to success when selling swimsuits is to present your customers with something new every year and to have other models and designs so you can fight competition.


Sandals are usually an indispensable part of every summer outfit. However, if you love the minimalist style, we recommend classic ankle-wrapping lace-up sandals in neutral colors. They can add elegance to every summer look. On the other hand, if you are willing to go out of your comfort zone, look for the newest trends for summer 2021. As you can see, this year is all about neon-colored shoes with a platform or a heel. We can agree that these are not as comfortable as the flat ones, but if you are the one who cares about aesthetics more than comfortability, they might be the best choice for you.


Many years ago, straw hats became popular, and it’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t have one. It’s a pretty simple and stylish summer piece, and you can combine it with denim shorts, lace dresses, or even with linen pants. Bucket hats are trendy unisex hats, not just for the summer but for the whole year and every outfit, as well as baseball caps. These are just some of the basic and cool pieces, and you can see on the streets that teenagers especially love them.


When talking about jewelry trends for this summer, you can see that the 90s are back. You’ve probably seen the rainbow necklaces and bracelets that girls wear; well, it’s the old trend from the 90s, and they are here to stay. After all,they are affordable and for everyone’s budget. With just a couple of dollars, you get a unique piece you can wear with every outfit. They are mostly made from plastic rainbow pearls or stones. You definitely need them for the summer. But, if you don’t like to play with colors, try to choose a simple gold chain or a soft pearly white necklace.


Some of the most popular bags this season are really simple crossbody bags with only one big pocket. If you are a retailer, prepare a large number of these bags because girls absolutely adore them. Also, make sure to have them in every color, especially in the pastel tones. The most popular are always black and white, but this season purple and mint became a sensation. Finally, have a few models of belt bags in the backup. Even if they are small, they are considered one of the most popular trends and accessories in 2021.

Here is some extra advice- if you want to have better traffic and find more customers, consider making a blockchain based eCommerce platform. Selling online is the future and let’s be honest, nobody wants to spend time shopping when it’s sunny outside. Just a few clicks and all the summer must-haves are on your doorstep. Isn’t it great?

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