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5 Best Cybersecurity Tech in 2021

by Abbey

Cybersecurity is a hotter topic in 2021 than it’s ever been. Predictions are that a cyber pandemic is the next thing to terrorize the human population. Most critical systems and infrastructure whether medical, government, or defense are online. A cyber pandemic would be crippling. However, it can be prevented by using some of the tools we’ll mention below, such as the best phone tracker apps and other gadgets. Here are the 5 best cybersecurity techs in 2021 for the mission.

Spy Apps

Spy apps have been in the industry for a long time, but remain a great cybersecurity tech even in 2021. High-profile organizations and individuals have spy apps as a major component of their cybersecurity arsenal. This is because major cybersecurity attacks come from user mistakes. Employees who are not too keen to adhere to stringent security protocols can easily compromise any security system. With spy apps, individuals and organizations can easily monitor their employees’ activity, like Snapchat spying, reading messages as well as tracking their movement on company-issued devices. Spy apps also provide vast control strategies for company electronics, allowing IT technicians to take over devices if necessary.

Multifunctional NFC Smart Rings



Multifunctional NFC wearable Smart Rings are some of the coolest cybersecurity techs in the market. This is hardware-level security that enables you to add extra authentication to deter digital attacks. It works similar to 2FA, to hinder easy access to your property, electronic devices, and apps. Even if someone has your password, they won’t be able to access your online or physical properties. Some rings have extra perks that will allow you to store and exchange personal information, mobile content and unlock personal encryptions. These rings are supported across a wide range of devices from Apple, Samsung, and other DNF-enabled mobile phones. Because many devices use NFC, you can also use the ring to open smart doors and approve e-payments if supported.

Advanced Firewalls

Firewalls act as the barrier between individuals/organizations and the public internet. They dictate which information is requested, sent, or received. They also dictate our visibility to cybercriminals. Firewalls have protected people and organizations for decades and still remain a key cybersecurity component. For example, data breaches continue to be a leading concern for organizations globally. Safeguarding digital data such as personal information has become an uphill task. Hackers will exploit any flaws in your system or software to access personal information. Firewalls make it that much harder for them to find these flaws because your systems are invisible to them!

AI-Based Security Systems

Ever since its invention, varying forms of artificial intelligence have seen diverse use. Today, AI is everywhere! According to tech professionals at CellTrackingApps.com, companies are using it in agriculture, education, medicine, astronomy, and even cybersecurity. The powerful nature of AI makes it a great technology to develop cybersecurity applications. AI-based security systems can anticipate, react to, prevent, and counter-attacks. With multinational corporations reporting tens of hundreds of thousands of dialer cyber attacks, it becomes apparent why automated security systems were needed. Humans can simply not keep up with such workloads. Since the adoption of AI, major strides, as well as tremendous changes, have been made in cybersecurity.

Smart and Robust On-Site Security

Many security analysts or security-conscious individuals forget the physical aspects of cybersecurity. Not all cyber systems can be compromised solely via remote attacks. Firewalls, AI-based security, and good onsite security make this possible. Cyberattacks are therefore accomplished through multiple fronts. Determined hackers can use moles to attack your organization. Moles can either be “turned” employees or intentionally planted through employment. Some hacks take years which makes such methods extremely viable. Restricting physical access to unauthorized areas through state-of-the-art security apparatus such as biometric recognition is key. Physically robust access points such as doors are also necessary. It’s pointless installing an Iris scanner on a cardboard door!

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