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Why is Latin America heading to Bitcoin?

by Abbey

Ever since 2016, the economic prospects for Latin Americans seem to be in a bad state. With the political instability found in the larger economies in the region, there seems to be a general slump in terms of prices in things like oil and other products. Both the traders and consumers are facing a tough time with the economic collapse taking place in Venezuela. Also, the crash witnessed at the Chinese Stock Market has damaged the economy in a big way. Several Latin Americans are now turning to Bitcoin as a solution, and the recent crises have only added fuel to acceptance in a big way. Earlier this year, we have seen good adoption of digital currency, which seems to have broken all the records in Latin America. The payment option that remained the essential processors have also reported around 500 Plus percentage. You can even explore the sites and apps like home page to have an edge about it.



A majority of changes took place last year, and the transactions of Latin American people seemed to have completed with a considerable amount of 1700 Plus percentage from the start of 2015. Some other key figures are involved in the Bitcoin ecosystem in Brazil, as seen in Bitcoin exchange trade that has gone up with 322 percent, and BTV wallets are also increasing with 46.7 percent. A decent exchange trading surge seen in Mexico went up by around 60% in 2015. In Latin America, we have seen the nation growing faster, and nations like Argentina seem to have come up with a majority of Bitcoin enthusiasts per capita, which may soon start to change. Along with other nations around, Brazilians have all their good reasons to adopt digital coins like Bitcoin. They have even enjoyed good returns with Mexican results.

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The Bitcoin Applications in Latin America

Bitcoin seems to have proved a decent solution for several issues caused by inflation and things like capital controls. Although many more workers and merchants have headed to Bitcoin, it can hedge against the local currencies. In addition, the technology seems to have gone up, giving some practical applications like a payment option.

Bitcoin is a universal currency that has allowed customers to shop anything worldwide or even send out money at global locations. Therefore, all the companies which do not accept payment in local currency can accept digital coins like Bitcoin and thus connect with Latin Americans as online shoppers.

Bitcoin seems to have added Latin American tourism to the current economic crisis. Owing to Bitcoin, one can find many more things, including a good internet connection, and it can even reduce the foreign exchange costs for both merchants and tourists. As tourists coming from Latin America do not often carry their credit cards, they can have solutions in Bitcoin. Many tourist destinations are now accepting Bitcoin as their payment option.

We see Latin American business groups are now sending their payroll payment option to the global workers. Thus allowing them to benefit the best in a faster and simpler way, And keeping away the wire transfers at bay. Many companies, including Exxon, have employed around 1500 people in Argentina; hence, Bitcoin can also offer several international oil companies to pay money quickly in different Latin American nations.

Several online marketplaces, including OPSkins, have witnessed success when it comes to using Bitcoin for sending out payout to the global vendors. In addition, several marketplaces, including eBay and Amazon, are now finding Bitcoin to be the best bet for payment for Latin American sellers and buyers.

Although several Latin America-based importers are now paying for their shipment for their delivery, we see long delivery passages exposing the high risk of currency value volatility. In addition, several multinational companies come along with subsidiaries in Argentina that can further reduce Bitcoin and the cost in a big way.

Although most Latin Americans fail to accept credit cards with services like the Advanced Cash offer from Belize, we see e-wallets and debit cards used by most credit cards. Thus, we see a decent option with Bitcoin promising you some affordable options for getting accounts without bank transfers. In this way, you can see what goes behind Bitcoin in Latin America.

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