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Are Altcoins Tied to Bitcoin?

by Abbey

As Bitcoin and Bitcoin gold was holding the market with a great pickup like them, other crypto coins are also in the race of defeating old coins with a significant margin. Is history repeating itself? let’s take a view at it. In a recent scenario, if you take a look over the portfolio of investors of BTC and altcoins and the website coinmarketcap.com, which has all figures about the top coins which capped the market with their significant values and high-rise prices, you will get to know that all these upgrades’ coins are tracking the price value of Bitcoins. For more information, you can click here.



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Although altcoins prices drop as compared to SegWit 2x fork which ultimately draws all investors towards bitcoin. According to one of the argued statements, the leftover was sold out. Anyways maybe alts could be for Pinpoint after the SegWit 2x fork. A thorough should be done on this. Although these statements are just for investing advice. This information would help you to understand the crypto market in a better way to make a good choice of investment.

Is a Pattern Emerging?

Since 2017, the same pattern can be seen in the crypto market. Although the crypto prices Go up and down as compared to each other yet the value of altcoin is following the trend of Bitcoin’s price value. But when bitcoin value suddenly falls, alt value starts to catch up to struggle when Bitcoin goes on a tear but this scenario is not always. After some duration again the bitcoin sees a sell-off in which condition investors prefer alts and in between if alt falls, they make a balance with Bitcoin again. Thus, the crypto price imitates each other again. However, this practice seems to be awesome if the adults maintain their tendency to keep on increasing or you can say if bitcoin is not increasing, but this scenario does not remain always.

A Situation when alts go down and bitcoin grow

Well, another case is when the adults end up around back to their starting point or may go lower than before. On the other hand, bitcoin goes up with significant growth in its pattern over time. Thus, the situation learns that bitcoin has been a clear winner in a situation of medium-term investment.

Let’s take an example to understand the strategy:

Suppose you buy either for $500 during the summer season, and you know you have a 0% return value. Therefore, if you bought bitcoin for $2,000, your money will be doubled. Although there was a hike for either even if you sell it at a high price, you will get less profit than BTC. Moreover, on the purchase of $500, you have lost $100 per coin. In the meantime, if you are buying bitcoin at its summer-based prices, you will be in profit. There are some instances when altcoins prices go high from their range but in almost every case, they crash and fall back down to earth. Hence there may be some coins that performed better than bitcoins but those coins rarely did better in the medium and long term.


While overviewing all scenarios, it is hard to say what will be the future coin with a stable price value and with its best features. Persons who especially trusted ether which was the second highest coin in the crypto market to cap the market and did not behave like bitcoin. Or even they thought that either would give something unique. But the reality is that either is a risky investment as your money could go to the risk bank most of the time because its prices may go up and down anytime. If we see the other perspective, it is not simple to decide which crypto will be the future of investors. Although other top coins hold a steady place in the market, one could argue that bitcoin is the as compared to other coins, bitcoin is the most sold currency as compared to other top coins.

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