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Will BTC face an economic crisis in 2022?

by Abbey

Bitcoin has become a mainstream investment in 2021. Overall, it was an incredible year for the cryptocurrency space, but things are slowly changing now. In 2021, other things also emerged largely apart from digital coins. There were digital tokens, NFTs, decentralized applications, and intelligent contracts. Everything entered into the virtual ecosystem and made things even better for cryptocurrencies. However, bitcoin experienced a constant increase in its prices. The year 2021 was incredible for bitcoin because some international institutions supported it. Some of the centralized institutions also provided support to cryptocurrencies. Apart from all this, El Salvador became the first country to accept bitcoin as a legal tender. However, the enthusiast of bitcoin believes that it will be the future, but some experts say it will face a significant test in 2022. It has been a matter of concern for cryptocurrency investors for now, as the future is predictable.

There are more than 13,000 cryptocurrencies on each bitcoin as an exchange medium today but bitcoin is the one that has shown us remarkable outstanding performance. Even when there was a COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown in the whole world, bitcoin prices kept rising. Due to the increasing prices of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, people paid attention to the only coin performing the best. Also, the introduction of the bitcoin ETF in 2021 significantly affected the whole world. Due to the emergence of bitcoin ETF, bitcoin prices reached the all-time high price of $69,000. There was an upgrade and inflation in the bitcoin prices, which led bitcoin to become a centre of buzz. Now, things are changing. Even though bitcoin prices are supposed to be stable for now, experts believe that the prices will decrease in 2022, and bitcoin will face a financial crisis.

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The main reason behind an economic crisis is nothing else but the government’s failure of preventing the uncertain growth of some black factors. Some of the most popular economies across the globe, like the United States and the United Kingdom, are performing very well, but still, they have uncertainties in their economy. These uncertain and unchecked problems in the economy can lead them towards the economic downfall put up; on the contrary, the growth of bitcoin has been very alarming for some countries of the world. Adopting bitcoin as a legal tender by some central authorities will pose a severe threat to the whole world’s economy. If the BTC market kept increasing and institutions kept accepting it as legal tender, the government would Be forced to intervene and stop its further popularity.

If we compare the United States dollar with bitcoin, you will see that bitcoin has experienced a 1000% increase in the past ten years or five years. Even though it is a perfect sign for cryptocurrency investors, the government in the whole world is looking forward to preventing money laundering and other financial crimes. If the economic conditions worsen in 2022, the banks of different countries will be in terrible condition. Even more, the condition will be worse compared to the 2008 crisis. People will look up to bitcoin for safeguarding their money as an investment rather than going with the system. If this continues, the cryptocurrency market will not be able to handle the whole pressure of investment because it is tiny compared to the other financial markets of the whole world.

How to escape the horror of a crisis?

We can never be sure about the impending economic crisis in any country of the world. The main reason is that the actual market is not entirely safeguarded from the economic crisis around the corner. People like to invest more in the high return providing stocks, and it is not the traditional market today. Today, most people like cryptocurrency investments because they provide them with a higher rate of return. Some prominent reasons because of which cryptocurrencies are immune to the financial crisis that may approach in 2022 are that they are built over a recession resistance mechanism. In 2009, bitcoin came, and It was made for the sole reason for preventing people from the station. People can trust bitcoin and also function without the intervention of government authority.

The Fiat currency of any country is prone to lose its value when there is a financial breakdown. However, bitcoin is not controlled by the financial system of any country. You cannot judge any cryptocurrency in the world based on the whole world’s financial system. Therefore, bitcoins do not face loss of value at any point in time, which makes them safeguarded from the financial crisis. The prices of bitcoin are higher in the market, and the limit of 21 million bitcoins maintains it. Today, there are about 18 million bitcoins in circulation, and due to the limit, the inflation rate is under control.

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