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What is the easiest way to buy gold with bitcoin?

by Abbey

Gold is considered to be the most precious metal on earth, on the other hand, bitcoin is one of the first internet-supported cryptocurrencies which we all also call “digital gold”. Similar characteristics are observed in both bitcoin and gold, as they are both finite and mined as stores of value. It is now quite easy for you to buy gold and bitcoin with fiat money, but at the same time, it can be difficult for you to convert bitcoin to gold, as it can be quite expensive. In this blog, we will tell you about some special platforms through which you will be able to accept bitcoin payments in exchange for gold.



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Vaultoro is a cryptocurrency exchange based in the United Kingdom that is fully capable of offering to exchange bitcoin for gold. This exchange was established in the year 2016 which was invented by Joshua and Philip Sigala. Vaultoro allows you to buy gold after paying in bitcoin, as well as easily do so if you want to store the gold in their vaulted facility for life. If you are interested in bitcoin trading visit ekronasoftware.com .

If you want to buy gold from Vaultoro, first you have to complete the process of signup, ID address verification, upload documents, and then verify your account completely. These details are needed when extracting gold from physical form. You will then have to transfer the bitcoins to the Vaultoro Wallet as it does not offer you any fiat currency option to buy Vaultoro bitcoins. However, shapeshift allows you to convert altcoins to bitcoin and deposit altcoins.

After adding bitcoins, you can buy almost any amount of gold, but if you want to buy gold in physical form, you will need to buy at least 100 grams of gold. In addition, Vaultoro Zurich is instrumental in keeping gold deposits highly secure at the Vaulting facility operated by Brinks in Switzerland. Even if Vaultoro goes down, gold deposits remain safe, and traders can easily access all of their gold holdings. Bitcoins in Vaultoro are stored securely in cold storage via multi-signature wallets placed around the world, and all types of user’s data are kept 100% secure by encryption protocols.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before buying or selling gold with Voltoro:

  • Vaultoro services are censored in Cuba, North Korea, New York State, Washington State, Syria, Iran and Crimea.
  • To keep the gold in their vault every year, you need to pay at least 0.034% of the total gold amount as insurance charges once paid.
  • Before you can buy gold in physical form, you need to ensure there is enough bitcoin or gold to pay the withdrawal fee.
  • Vaultoro delivers gold to verified addresses. If for any reason Voltoro fails to deliver the gold to your address, the holdings in your gold vault are returned but the withdrawal fee is not refunded.


Bitgild is a registered company based in Sonny Rollinsstraat in Utrecht, Netherlands. Currently, Gold, Palladium, Silver, and Platinum are offered. If you want to buy gold, silver, and other metals through BitGild, you must first signup to BitGild by providing your name and e-mail address.

Gold or other metals can be bought with Bitgild.

  • Bitcoin and gold prices are always accurate.
  • Shipment insured by UPS.
  • BitGild offers you newly minted coins.

Sharps Pixley

The UK’s only Sharp Pixel, located on St James Street in London, will be accepted as payment for gold in bitcoin. Cryptocurrency will now be accepted for online and over-the-counter purchases. Providing new customers with a real, diversified, and tangible asset exchange digital currency. He can also trade and store it at Sharps Pixley.

  • Gold or other metals can be bought with Sharps Pixley.
  • Sharps Pixley is operated in the UK only.
  • All metals like gold, platinum, palladium, and silver can be bought and sold with bitcoin.
  • They are required to provide proof of address, your photo ID, and your driving license at the time of sale.

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