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Is Coinbase stock undervalued due to its outright correlation with bitcoin’s Valuation?

by Abbey

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange that is an American exchange platform, which is operated remotely with a mobile application and website without any physical headquarters. I’m talking about this coinbase industry because it’s pretty strong growth momentum, a strong competitive position. For Wall Street analysts, this could appear to be a very attractive time for strong support as well as adding stocks. For more information, you can go through Bitcoin Freedom.



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The company was founded in 2012 and is today known as the U.S. based on trading volume. Considered to be the most reliable crypto platform in the world. Coinbase offers a range of products for retail to institutional investors. These products include built-in trading apps for Coinbase, Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and other currencies, as well as platforms such as Coinbase Prime for traders.

Recent Quarter

We are talking about the third quarter of last year i.e. 2021, the reported trading volume by the company was over $322 billion, and it grows by 626% every year. However, it is currently showing a decrease of up to 28% since the most recent quarter. Due to the overall decline, the crypto market has seen a significant decline. But in the meantime, retail contributed around 28% of the total so far in trading volumes. The trade saw a decline of up to 26% since the same last quarter, as the decline is due to less volatility. This is the reason why the retail volumes show a decrease from the previous quarter for the same reason. Institutional trading is used on a large scale.

However, other cryptos represent up to or more than 50% of the total trading volume. Those are the few institutions that are diversifying these cryptocurrencies. With these assets, users are being provided with many options as well as providing competitive benefits. At the end of the third quarter, the total assets on the platform stood at $250 billion, an increase of 608% every year since seeing growth in the most recent quarter.

The risk with Coinbase Global

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is increasing every day, with new coins being added to us every day, as well as being listed on major crypto trading platforms daily. The same governments are making many efforts to implement some strict rules to crack down on this crypto sector. Due to this, it is affecting the adoption rates more. I think that by doing this there would probably be some indirect benefit to the government tightening it up with market regulation, as it might make the business model more legit. Doing business with Coinbase Global can be a bit expensive due to the high fees Coinbase has.

Evaluation Metrics

The stock, which has become a very attractive form at the moment with Coinbase, also looks very valuable as it currently has a forward enterprise value-to-EBITDA ratio of 20.4x, and the same second and forward price-to-free. The cash flow ratio is 26.2x. This is a very low ratio for a company with so much growth potential and a strong position in its position with the industry’s competitiveness.

Wrapping up

In this blog, we have provided some information related to coinbase. Coinbase is considered a major player in a high-growth industry and trades at valuations with highly compelling leverage. It is currently heavily supported by Wall Street analysts on the receipt of the stock price, with which it has attempted to strengthen the outlook. There are many different avenues in front of you as you move forward with growth and innovation, with Coinbase providing the potential for a massive reversal through growth per share and combination with relatively low valuations. Hope you liked the information we provided! You earn your successful future with cryptocurrency digital currencies.

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