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How to use the KuCoin mobile app Android and iOS easy steps( withdrawal, trade, and deposit from your smartphone)

by Abbey

The KuCoin app allows you to access not only trading services, but also investment and staking services.



  • KuCoin is in the top 10 of the largest exchanges in the world.
  • At KuCoin you can find a whole range of services in the field of trading.

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KuCoin is an exchange and investment platform in the bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency markets, which, in addition to offering you a wide range of products and services, is also multi-platform. Which basically allows you to be able to trade , invest in staking and configure your trading bots . All this from your cell phone or tablet thanks to the KuCoin mobile app.

In this tutorial we will take you step by step through the KuCoin mobile app. From how to register and secure your account, to how their trading markets work .

Where to download the KuCoin mobile app

Currently the application is available in the official Android and Apple stores. However, as an extra security measure always look for the official links directly from the official website. Avoid using search engines in app stores.

In this case, you can go to the kucoin.com page where you will find the App option, within the top menu, which will show you the corresponding links.

How to register an account from the KuCoin mobile app

Once you have installed the KuCoin app, you will need to register in order to access all of its services. If you have already registered from the KuCoin website, you can skip this step.

The registration from the app can be done by clicking on the user icon that is in the upper left part of the screen and pressing on «login Session». There you will see the option “Register”, which will show you the corresponding form.

KuCoin allows registration through a phone number or using your email. There is no difference between the two methods. However, if you register via email, some KuCoin products, such as the P2P market, may later ask you to verify your phone number.

As we were able to verify, all numbers from all countries are available for registration on the platform.

Also, it is worth mentioning that identity verification is optional, up to certain levels or volumes of withdrawal of funds. Similarly, verification can be done directly from the KuCoin app when you are ready to trade with bitcoin.

KuCoin mobile app Basic account setup/ configuration

You already have your account ready, now let’s make some basic configurations that will allow you to improve the experience when using the KuCoin mobile app.

The first thing is to change the language. By default, it usually happens that the app opens configured in English. To change it, you will have to press on the user icon (upper left corner), mark on the Settings option (configuration) and there you will be able to modify a couple of things.

Among the options you will see Language , which allows you to change the default language of the app. Another important option to take into account is the currency in which the prices of the different cryptocurrencies will be expressed.

Due to our geographical location, by default, the US dollar (USD) is marked, but if you are from European countries, it may be better for you to use the euro (EUR). There are even several Latin American currencies , such as the Argentine peso, Chilean peso, Mexican peso, among others.

What you need to know about the KuCoin mobile app Security settings

Before trading, or even depositing a satoshi on any platform, wallet, exchange , you need to secure your account . In this case, it is advisable to activate the security systems offered by the KuCoin mobile app before starting to buy and sell bitcoin. To do this, you must go to the user icon and check the Security option.

The security options that you will find in the app are divided between security measures of the application and your account.

Among the options you will have:

  • Login Password : password of the account assigned at the time of registration. From here you can change it.
  • Code to Trade: Serves as an alternate password, used when releasing funds on P2P exchanges. Activating it is optional and depends on how you use your KuCoin account.
  • Telephone: telephone number with which you registered or that you entered later. Here you can modify it.
  • Email: email registered on the platform.
    Google Verification – This allows you to generate the Google Authenticator verification key to provide added security for your account.
  • Anti-phishing security phrase: phrase assigned by you, which allows you to validate, at the time of logging in, that you are not entering a fake application. This is because, when entering KuCoin, the phrase displayed must match the one you initially indicated.
  • Delete account: Here you can start the process to delete your account, if necessary.
    Touch ID – Uses your device’s fingerprint biosecurity system to block access to the app.
  • Pattern Unlock – Like Touch ID, this method allows you to set an unlock pattern for the app.

As a basic configuration, it is recommended to activate identity verification, as well as configure the “code to trade”, along with the activation of Touch ID and pattern unlock. With this you can start using the KuCoin app to buy and sell bitcoin.

What you should know about the KuCoin app to exchange BTC

You are already registered, you already have your account insured, now yes, let’s explore the KuCoin interface and how the different sections of this platform are divided.



What you see in the image above is the main interface of KuCoin. Its organization is quite simple and we are going to explain how its different functions work.

1: This is the tracker or market monitoring. Here it shows you the price of the main markets including bitcoin (BTC), ether of Ethereum (ETH), litecoin (LTC) and even the platform token, kucoin token (KCS).

2: This section shows all the products offered by KuCoin. The organization of the application is mostly focused on trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies. However, from this section you can access all the products that the platform has, from trading bots to staking investments ( KuCoin Earn), among many others.

Here you will see a list of the cryptocurrencies with the highest gains or losses in the last 24 hours, which are known as winners or losers.

4: This last section is the one that separates the different menus of the application:

  • Markets – Shows you the different trading markets within KuCoin.
  • Trade – Here you can access the KuCoin spot and margin trading menu .
  • Futures : section for trading or trading with cryptocurrency derivatives.
  • Assets : this will be your wallet within the app for managing your funds.

How to deposit and withdraw on KuCoin Mobile app

The wallets offered by the KuCoin mobile app are separated according to the section in which you need to operate, serving as a portfolio manager. The main wallet is used for deposits and withdrawals. Futures is the appropriate portfolio if you want to trade derivatives . Finance, on the other hand, is the wallet you use for some KuCoin products in the investment area, such as staking in Ethereum 2.0, for example.

To mobilize the funds, you only need to check the transfer option, within the “Assets” menu, for the transfer of funds.

How to Make deposits from the KuCoin mobile app

To deposit, as in any wallet, you need to get a public address, for this you must locate the “Assets” option in the lower menu and then click on “Deposit”.

Then you must choose the cryptocurrency you want to deposit, for which you will be shown the corresponding public address. However, something you should take into account is the network through which the deposit is made.

Bitcoin is a network, and BTCs circulate on this main network. However, there are BTC tokens that inhabit other cryptocurrency networks, known as wrapped BTC or WBTC to differentiate them. KuCoin allows the deposit of these other tokens, not just bitcoin, as well as many other cryptocurrencies , such as tether (USDT).

Because of this, when depositing, please note that the correct network is checked . In the example above, we selected to generate a Bitcoin address through the mainnet.

Make withdrawals from the KuCoin app

For withdrawals, you will need to go to the “Assets” option and check the “Withdraw” option.

As happens when depositing, the application will show you a list of all the cryptocurrencies, in which an available balance is shown next to each one.

Once you select any of the cryptocurrencies, the corresponding form will be displayed to enter the destination address, the amount, and the network. As we explained before, you must take into account on which cryptocurrency network you want to withdraw .

Before proceeding with the withdrawal, take into account the commissions. These are displayed at the bottom of the form.

Finally, click on confirm to finish the withdrawal. If you have configured two-factor authentication, it will be necessary to confirm the code to make the withdrawal.

How to trade from the KuCoin app

KuCoin, as a platform, is focused on cryptocurrency trading . Offering all kinds of tools for traders of any level. Although its use within the app is somewhat limited due to charts and technical analysis, the KuCoin mobile app allows advanced trading operations , both in spot , margin and futures markets.

As we showed you in the section where we explore the KuCoin interface, to access the trading markets you have the options in the bottom menu: “Trade” and “Futures”.

Both interfaces ( spot and futures) are quite similar, as seen in the image, varying in some things such as the type of position that you will open in each market.

It should be noted that, depending on where you want to operate, you must transfer the deposited funds. If you want to spot trade from your main wallet, you will need to transfer to the “Trade” account. In the case of margin , you have the “Margin” account, and for derivatives there is the “Futures” option.

The interface shown in the image above helps to open or close positions. If in your case you want to see the market charts, you just have to click on the Japanese candlestick icon in the upper right corner.

How to use Earn for cryptocurrency staking on KuCoin

KuCoin Earn is an investment service to earn passive income within the platform. In this case, within the app you will find it as KuCoin Win (It is the same KuCoin Earn), this from the products section of the main menu. Here you can stake on platforms like Polkadot or even Ethereum 2.0.

How to use the KuCoin Trading Bot

One of the features that makes KuCoin such an attractive exchange is the trading bots that are integrated within the platform. Here there is the possibility of being able to build and manage your own trading bots , without the need to resort to third-party services.

As advice for use, the most recommended when configuring these bots is to do them from the web portal, leaving the administration from the app. This is because there are certain parameters that, for convenience, are usually better configured from the web portal, such as entry and exit prices, amounts to buy, among others.


Trading in your hands, this would be the best way to describe the experience we had using the KuCoin mobile app. It is not for nothing that it is in the top 5 of the largest exchanges worldwide, and it is one of the main ones in terms of the number of cryptocurrencies listed.

Regarding the experience of using the application, it worked very smoothly. We did some tests by depositing some BTC to open some trades and everything worked very well. The litmus test was at the time of withdrawal, and we can say that there were no complications, the app behaved up to the task.

What caught our attention the most is that the app allows you to access all KuCoin products, which, due to the quantity, we did not have the opportunity to show them all in this tutorial, but it is interesting to know that from your mobile phone you can access to all of them.

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