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5 Least Popular Cryptocurrencies

by Abbey

Bitcoin is one of the most popular as well as crypto with the largest market capitalization. The market cap is increasing day by day. There is a need to better understand the hidden potential of cryptocurrencies which this article can help to understand. The best assets to invest in cryptocurrencies are available in the thousands in the market. But you should also keep in mind that not all cryptocurrencies can be as profitable for you like bitcoin. Currently, the crypto market is doing its job in a big way with only a few selected cryptocurrencies. While some cryptocurrencies have the potential to become mainstream currencies, other currencies may not be suitable for your investment at all. You may check https://bitcode-ai.live/ as it is specifically designed to help new traders access the Bitcoin market and analyze the charts.



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Least Popular Cryptocurrencies

2020 has been the best year ever for cryptocurrencies. Now let’s explore some unknown cryptos, and find out which currency has been the least popular so far.

Fantom (FTM)

The crypto industry is an industry that is known to be popular only for smart contracts. Due to its popularity, many types of smart contracts are being created. For example, if we talk about Phantom, it is focusing more on some smart contracts using DAG-based blockchain. Phantom has only one main goal: that it can handle around 300K transactions per second. With this, efforts are being made to completely change the transaction system. One of the best things about Phantom is that the technology supports multiple industries at once.


Quant is a network and it just focuses on making it user-friendly and providing a secure digital connection. Quant emphasizes the security of these digital coins while also trying to maintain a trusted environment with the internet. With a ledger, all the isolated networks are combined into a single network. Some of the following elements are included in this network:

  • Blockchain.
  • IoT devices
  • CRM


Unibright, a German company, had its first successful rally in 2017 followed by its launch in 2018. And at the same time, it is fully focused to provide a unified framework to bring to this market Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts. Some smart contracts adopt a no-coding approach by Unibright. Some smart contracts are automatically deployed, updated, and generated only after certain conditions are met. Unibright has been seen with some enterprise solutions and with which to build modeling tools for industries. Along with this it also helps in sustaining some new business and also provides an incredible ecosystem to grow the business further.

Matic Network (MATIC)

Matic is a network whose main objective is to promote blockchain adoption and adoption. For this, scalability and user experience can be achieved by using them. Matic is a network that wants to develop an environment where crypto can be communicated by users. The biggest and main feature of Matic Network is that it scales its development with decentralized applications. DApps are being used in several industries and are used for commercial activities to boot.

Merger (FSN)

This is being seen as a new era with the crypto financial system. Fusion aims to create an efficient environment for the financial sectors. It is believed to be responsible for financial applications and some infrastructure. Fusion has some extraordinary features that go far beyond smart contracts. In addition, it provides a rich environment for many businesses to conduct time-based transactions across industries. It has some features that you will need to know before engaging with the Marketplace. On the other hand, the lack of a database for the user has driven crypto away from its market.

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