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4 Must Know PNG to Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

by Abbey

PNG is the raster graphic file format that is used everywhere around the internet due to its compress image quality and considerable file size. On the other hand, Microsoft Excel (xls or xlsx) is the spreadsheet format that lets you edit, create, and organize huge numbers and cells swiftly. Ultimately, both file formats are used for different purposes. However, sometimes you need to turn PNG into Excel file format for different concerns. No matter what you have, the below-mentioned converters works to convert png files to Microsoft excel spreadsheet while keeping the quality high.




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Did You Already Know!

When it comes to extracting text, tables, or cells from the images, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) plays a crucial role. OCR tools are mainly considered by experts for recognizing, scanning, and extraction text and other elements from the scanned documents and images without any distortion. Suppose that if you received your company finance sheet as PNG and you want to make any editing into its specific column, then? You simply have to transform your PNG image file to Excel spreadsheet for certain concerns with this website that offers full-fledged PNG to Excel converter with OCR for free.


No matter whether your image contains cell or tabular data, this PNG to Excel converter function turns PNG into Excel spreadsheet with zero error. It is referred to as the one of the super-fast OCR tools that is considered for extracting all types of elements from the existing PNG files and storing them into searchable and editable Microsoft Excel files. It also works tremendously for recognizing and extracting text from images such as characters or symbols.

This PNG file to Excel converter with OCR does not require any registration and installation process to export image text as MS Excel spreadsheet. However, pro users can get the opportunity for saving their processed files up to one month. With its free plan, users can be able to process multiple files at once without any hassle. Use its OCR functions to recognize the text in 40 languages, and it even allows you to make conversions on all browsers, operatings systems, and devices.

How to Convert PNG to MS Excel onlineOCR.net?

  • Click on Select File button for adding PNG file into this text extraction OCR tool
  • Select the language and right after that choose the Excel as the output format
  • Click Convert and save the PNG as Excel spreadsheet format with this OCR PNG to Excel converter


As the name reveals that this web-based application mainly functions to provide you the ease of making online file conversions. Users can proceed with this website for making conversions for images, documents, pdf, eBooks, and other formats. You can use its free OCR PNG to Excel converter online to extract text from PNG and save it into well-formatting Excel format. You can now convert up to 20 images along with 10MB file sizes at once into editable Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

In addition to that, you could transform your existing JPG or JPEG files into Excel spreadsheets for free of cost with the free assistance of its JPG to Excel converter. No matter at all how frequent conversions you make with this online tool, it always serves you with high quality and preserved formatted results. The most auspicious part is that it lets you make conversions on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS and support all modern web-browsers and smart devices.

How to Convert PNG to Excel Free with theonlineconverter?

  • Add PNG files into this PNG to XLSX converter online using the given methods according to your preference
  • Click the Convert
  • Download all created Excel (xlsx) files online with a single click


PDFmall is loaded with a very specific number of tools that allow you to convert file to and from different compatible formats with zero hassle. You can export your existing PNG file to Excel Microsoft spreadsheet while preserving the original quality. Besides from png, this tool lets you import jpg or jpeg to make instant conversions online.

No registration and installation required, just drag and drop or upload images from existing storage and let this tool perform conversions. All the tools are compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows, and even no matter what devices you have, it works on all perfectly.

How to Save PNG as MS Excel Online Using Pdfmall?

  • Add PNG files from PC, URL, Google Drive, and Dropbox or even you could make a drag and drop for the selected images
  • Choose Excel (xls) as output spreadsheet format
  • Select the text recognition mode “use only text from image” or “Use OCR”
  • Click Convert and wait for a while for downloading your converted Excel spreadsheet


Cardscanner is one of the most recommended platforms to make online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) conversions for free of cost. It entertains you with OCR tools that lets you deal with high quality conversions for JPG to PDF, image to text, PNG to Excel, JPG to Word, and more. Try its PNG to Excel converter with OCR online that lets you convert up to 20 image files at once into editable and searchable Excel spreadsheets. You now can copy the extracted text to clipboard with a single click and even it entertains you with a wider array of export file formats.

In addition to that, it provided you with three different pro plans to fetch much more for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) conversions. And, if you have a bunch of paper visiting cards and want to turn them into digital files for the ease of accessing, then no need to worry more. This source offers an iOS and Android business card organizer app that lets you turn paper cards into easy to access file types using advanced OCR.

How to Change PNG to Excel (xlsx) with Cardscanner?

  • Import one or up to 20 PNG files into the main toolbox of this PNG to Excel converter. Add files there according to your preferred storage
  • Crop and Rotate the uploaded images one-by-one (if required) or click the Convert button
  • Download the Converted MS Excel spreadsheets one-by-one or save all at once

Thankfully, you explored a few best converters that allow you to convert one or more PNG images to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets without any quality distraction. Try one of the listed tools and proceed with exporting PNG as Excel for free. Good Luck!

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