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Women Rights in UAE

by Abbey

UAE is a diverse country where people from different parts of the world are warmly welcomed to settle and work. In UAE gender equality is given key importance. According to the constitution of UAE, men and women have equal rights and opportunities to grow. They enjoy similar perks and have access to everything irrespective of their sex. UAE is one of those countries where women are protected, and it is made sure that they can have a safety to live, socializing themselves and even having trade.




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Under the UAE Constitution, every woman either local or expatriate enjoys the same legal status as men enjoy. Likewise, they have the right to claim the titles just like the man does. Moreover, they have full rights to education, healthcare, and other facilities. In the modern era, women in United Arab Emirates also enjoy the right to practice their professions just like men. Therefore, women are a significant part of the labor force in the UAE. Furthermore, the women in UAE also have the right to inheritance in property and other assets as men. Therefore women are seen in government, forces, business, education, social sector, and economic activities. Countries can’t make progress now unless women do not add their share in the economy.

The literacy rate in the country touches 96% in 2021 which means men and women both are given a chance to seek education. Moreover, in today’s modern UAE, more women are competing in secondary education than men. In Government and His Highness office, there are more Emirati Women working than Men. It shows the level of care and interest, the government spends for the Women (Emirati and Expatriates), as well as the responsibility level of Emirati Women as well as others. They are playing their role in every sector including Sports, Law etc.

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There are more women enrolled in university and postgraduate institutions than ever before. Furthermore, back in 2014, the country opened up its doors for women in military government offices, and other sectors. If we proceed further we will see that in UAE women also have a guarantee to have access to employment facilities along with family welfare and health care perks.  In recent years, the UAE is labeled as the pioneer of the region in offering equality to women in government, politics, education, health, employment, and in other sectors of the economy.

Women are allowed to actively participate in the private sector. A great number of women are serving in different roles in the private sector.  They enjoy equal rights to economic resources, pay packages, compensations, allowances, and much more. In addition, they also have the right to control land or have ownership of property and other forms of property, inheritance, natural resources, financial services, and much more. UAE has one of the largest numbers of business women in the Forbes list of Forbes.

Similarly, one is also permitted to participate in the public sector. Surprisingly, two third of the public sector jobs in the country belong to women. The UAE is renowned for its initiatives to empower and advance women into different sectors of society including politics. A great number of women are serving in various businesses and are also entrepreneurs. They also hold important decision-making positions in private as well as private sectors.

The highlight of the discussion is that the women in UAE enjoy security like nowhere else. They are allowed to travel freely anywhere around without any fears or doubts. Nevertheless, the UAE government is planning more developing and implementing initiatives for women’s rights in the UAE.  The intention is clear: they want to reduce the gender imbalance and enhance gender equality among men and women rights in the UAE.


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