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How to apply for Everton football Club scholarship trials online (Registration, and requirements)

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In order to train the next generation of professional footballers the Everton football Academy was set up. The academy through the help of world-class and accomplished sports experts put students through the core rudiments of the game. With the state-of-the-art fitness facilities at the academy, students also get to keep up with the best kind of fitness in the sport.



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Sports academic tutors at the academy are also on the ground to put youngsters through on many other academic sides of the sports. Everton Football Youth Academy players compete in the lower tier development league. This goes a long way in improving their competitive side towards the game.

One way of passing the Everton Football Academy trials is to engage in steady training while adhering to the best sports principles. Everton FC Football Academy players showing impressive skills and development are subsequently handed a professional contract. In most cases, they are sold to clubs indicating a strong interest in them. The grouping at Everton Football Youth Academy is based on age. The academy’s wide range of camp programmes are open to 4-18 year-olds, with dedicated sessions for different ages and levels, players of all abilities. Nonetheless, younger players with impressive performance development skills can be promoted to join senior-level teams slightly above them.

All of Soccer Schools curriculum are designed by the club coaches to give players the opportunity to hone their skills and, most importantly, enjoy the game they love!

Everton football Academy Trialist Procedure

The Everton Academy only holds specific trial dates for boys recommended by Club scouts. If a player has not been approached by a scout but feel they are genuinely worthy of a trial then they are asked to write into the Academy providing as much information as possible about themselves and the club(s) they play for. The academy will then endeavour to have the player watched by a Club scout.

Please use the following criteria as a guideline for information to be supplied when writing to the Academy:

  • Current club/school
  • Age group/date of birth
  • Fixture lists (including kick off times and venues)
  • Contact details which includes telephone number and address

If the player shows potential then he will be asked to attend one Academy’s Development Centres for assessment, and further coaching by the Academy Development Officers.

However, if he is of an exceptional standard he may be invited straight into our Academy for a six-week trial period in accordance with Premier League rules. The Club make their interest in the player known by contacting the respective club at which he is registered.

How to Enroll in the Everton football Academy for trial/Scholarship

  1. Visit the Academy’s website: https://www.evertoninternationalacademy.com/contact/
  2. Give complete information about yourself, your previous clubs (if any), and your contact information.
  3. Choose your country of residence
  4. Enter your message there.
  5. Consider submitting a video of yourself; this method is most appropriate for international applicants.

How to get scouted for Everton football Academy Scholarship

The football Academy maintains an attitude that gives everyone an equal chance. Football Scholarships are available to deserving students. The following are some prerequisites for joining the Youth Academy.

  • Good sportsmanship.
  • Parents consent letters especially for those below 18 years of age.Statistics ( Height, Position, fitness, e.t.c ).
  • Academic records from your school of study if you are applying from High School.
  • Good team spirit.
  • Good interpersonal Skills.
  • Shown Outstanding both on and off pitch abilities.

For more information, please visit the club’s official website: https://www.evertonfc.com/club/academy

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