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How to apply for AC Milan football Club scholarship trials online (Application form, Registration, and requirements

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Those who require Football Academy Scholarships from Europe are also welcome at the club if they meet the criteria. Reading through the history of AC Milan Club reveals that many of their squad members rose through the ranks from the Academy. During the AC Milan Academy registration process, students are introduced to various programs based on their age and level of experience. The players are not only subjected to physical driling, but they are also exposed to the psychological aspects required to excel as a professional footballer. More young people are recruited into the AC Milan Youth Academy through open trials.



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About the AC Milan football Club Academy
How works

Milan Academy is a collection of projects dedicated to involving an U18 target audience in sporting activities through sponsored football coaching and adult training.

The training proposal is aimed at amateur and professional national and international sports clubs, sports coaches and managers, event clubs, federations, institutions, and sponsors who, in various ways, want to foster a sporting culture and organizational excellence in their territory.

The Milan Academy, AC Milan’s true innovation hub, is shaped by a team of sports professionals comprised of managers, football coaches, teachers, and instructors who operate with knowledge and competence in accordance with the Club’s principles while also aspiring to set a new standard for the World of Football.

Passion, Excellence, Sophistication, and Teamwork are the building blocks of the Project, which supports the adults who follow the human and sporting development of all the youngsters involved in football and sporting activities on a daily basis by sharing the Milan Method and using guidelines, coaching programs, and dedicated services.

How to Join AC Milan Football Academy

The Club has an open-door policy that gives everyone an equal opportunity. The process we shall provide below is also helpful while looking for how to join a Football Academy in Europe. Additionally, a good number of the requirements are also obtainable in Football Academy Scholarships in Europe.

Youngsters as young as 8 years have a place in AC Milan Junior Camp. Visit the Academy website:
www.acmilan.com/en/academy/milan-academy/all-the-Milan-academies to see the different programs available.

The AC Milan Academy project is distinguished by a methodical approach that focuses on the components relevant to the child’s wellbeing and the relationships of the various adult figures involved (teachers, coaches, parents, and managers) by identifying developmental lines and responding to his/her emerging needs during the development period.

How to Get a Scholarship for AC Milan Academy

Players are accepted into the club through AC Milan Academy Scouts and Open Football trials. Nonetheless, Applicants especially International students can also apply educational scholarships through the club’s website or special drafting.

  • Provide good details of your self, previous clubs (if any), and contact.
  • Parents consent especially for those below 18 years.
  • Proof of financial need if applying for AC Milan
  • Academy Scholarships
  • Endeavor to submit a video of your self, this method applies mainly to international applicants.

Here is the Milan fc Academy Request Information Phone number: +02 622 845 45


How to Contact AC Milan Academy by post physical address for a scholarship trial request and inquires:

Casa Milan
Via Aldo Rossi, 8
20149 Milan

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