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Xsolla Payment System Quick Overview 

by Abbey

   The objective of the Xsolla payment system is to simplify the acceptance of payments for games and in-game acquisitions. Among its partners are well-known companies as Steam, Ubisoft, Gaijin Entertainment and Twitch.tv. It was Founded in 2006, the service began by providing services only to Russian publishers. However, adding PayPal to the list of supported electronic wallets, the Xsolla system entered the international market for paying for games.

   The service continues to expand and it is constantly recruiting staff to support its projects. You can find Xsolla jobs for developers, designers, testers, and tech support staff online. Opportunities is available, both for beginners, whom the company offers to get their first experience among its employees, and for experienced professionals. Moreover, according to feedback from Xsolla employees, both the working conditions in the company and the level of payment are quite decent.

Xsolla Services Solutions:

In order to start using the services, you have to complete a simple registration on the Website. With your personal data – website address, email and company name. Users can sign up as a publisher by clicking here

This are the list of services available:
Service of account replenishment/load with the help of mobile phones, bank cards of practically any bank, electronic wallets and even cash (using the terminal).

A set of “Game Store” services providing the possibility to sell in-game goods (i.e. monetization of games – payment of game currency, items and privileges for players).

There is a Unique Xsolla cards, with the same features as a regular banking cards, but without having to enter personal data during payments within the service. Their payment system is optimized for gaming (more than 1,000 gaming platforms can be quickly accessed). Thus, payment with Xsolla card can be made with filling only the main fields – the purchase can be completed in almost 1-2 actions.


Part of the offered services, include protecting your Xsolla-wallet from fraud. The main security measures include manual and automatic verification of suspicious transactions and resolution of issues with chargeback. The protective mechanism controls and blocks transactions committed by frauds, as a result of which fraud on the service decreased by tens of times – to 0.6 percent.

Technical Support:

The Technical Support Service answers questions from users in 20 languages of the world. You can use your email, phone, or chat to communicate. In the support page you can also find answers to Game support(Video game-related questions) and Partner Support(Questions about products and services.

With it you can solve problems with account login, blocking your page, and issues with money or payment not received.

How to Top up your Xsolla account with a bank card:

To replenish or load money into your service account with a credit card:

  • Log in to the gaming platform where you want to transfer funds (for example, to GameNet);
  • Go to the account replenishment or buy page;
  • Select the number of electronic coins you want to purchase;
  • Click on the card payment button; When paying, check the box “Remember card”
  • Enter credit card details (including number, validity period, verification code);
  • Select the payment button and go to the Xsolla payment service website;
  • Confirm payment.

When paying, check the “Remember Card” box. In the future it will allow to make payment into accounts, without entering payment details again. If you need to remove this card from your account and pay with another, contact Technical Support.

How to Top up your account with the Use of terminal:

It is also possible to pay into your account with the help of terminals of almost any financial system. At the same time, most of them do not charge a commission interest on replenishment if the payment exceeds a certain amount (for example, 4 dollars or 250 rubles). Before depositing funds, player need their unique Xsolla account number. Which can be found by:

  • Log in to the gaming site from your computer;
  • Go to the accounts section;
  • Choose any of the payment methods and the amount of funds transferred;
  • Write down your unique number in the payment system.

When using the terminal, you should find the the payment system section in its menu and enter your Xsolla unique account number. After payment it is advice-able to save the received check until the money has arrived in your account. If there are problems in the payment process, you should immediately contact the technical support of the service, presenting this payment document as evidence.

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