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Getting a Virtual Address in the US (United States)is one of the most common dilemmas for web-based business owners in need of an actual business address.

In the United States, federal guidelines require companies to obtain and maintain an actual address, even if it is a web-based business, to avoid potential legal consequences. For small business owners and international sellers, obtaining an actual US address can be a pain. Nonetheless, here are 7 ways a non-resident can get a virtual address for personal or business use.

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Here are the best options available:

1. Use the address of a family or close relatives:

if you are lucky enough to have relatives or close relatives living in the United States, with their permission, you only need to write down their address as your actual address.

2. Use a friend ’s address:

Just like the first option, you can always ask a friend who lives in the US to “borrow” their address.

3. Registered agent’s address:

The role of a registered agent is to accept and receive tax and legal documents on your behalf, especially if you do not have a physical address in the United States. This agent scans and emails these documents to you, and sends them to you if necessary. Although it seems similar to the mail forwarding service, a registered agent is a legal agent designated to accept official state documents and legal documents. The annual fee for a registered agent is usually around $100-300.

4. Mail forwarding service:

This is the easiest way to get a US address. There are thousands of websites that provide this service. As the name suggests, the mail forwarding service company will receive your mail, and then forward it directly to you by email or courier. This service is commonly used by people outside the United States, travelers, and international shoppers who want to shop in the US market such as Amazon. The cost of mail forwarding services is usually about 10-60 US dollars per month.

5. Post Office Box:

The post office box, as defined by Wikipedia, is the only addressable and lockable mailbox located at the post office ’s premises. It is usually used by those who like to protect their privacy, travel frequently, or move constantly. Just because the state government requires businesses to have an actual mailing address, using a post office box as your business address may be a bad idea. In addition, this may affect the credibility of your business, because people usually like to do business with companies with sufficient resources (such as physical addresses). Post office box rentals range from USD $10 to US $ 660-depending on the lease term and mailbox size.

6. UPS store personal mailbox:

The personal mailbox of the UPS store-it’s like a combination of mail forwarding service and post office box-just it gives you a real street address, not a post office box number. In addition, you can choose the location of any UPS store. The price depends on the location of the mailbox, the period of use, and the size. A small mailbox usually costs $ 90 for 3 months.

7. Virtual mailbox address:

A virtual mailbox is a digital mailbox that you access via a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. In addition, just like mail forwarding service, it can also receive and forward software packages for you. This is a real US address, just like the real office suite rented by the company. For companies that want to have a real US address, this may be the best option. Prices start at $ 10 per month.

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