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The best 7 Websites and exchanges platforms that accept Bitcoin SEPA bank transfers.

by Abbey

Best 6 website to buy Bitcoin with SEPA wire Bank Transfer for European residents. The first question that arises is: why should you go for the SEPA/international bank transfer option, and not another payment method to buy your bitcoins? Quite simply, because buying Bitcoin with a bank transfer or SEPA will allow you to enjoy real advantages during your purchases.

For you, here I have listed the best platforms, sites and exchanges that accept SEPA bank transfers. For those who have never heard of the term, the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a European Union initiative to simplify bank transfers denominated in euros.

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Here I have selected 6 of the best website/platform of the year 2021, which I have classified by quality of service, amount of fees and reputation for you.



List of the Best 6 website and exchanges platforms to buy Bitcoin by SEPA Bank Transfer in Year 2021.

  • Kraken
  • Bitstamp
  • LocalBitcoins
  • Paxful
  • Coinbase
  • Coinhouse
  • ZeBitcoin


ZeBitcoin has quickly established itself as a quality and serious platform in France since 2018. The French site and company based in Toulouse offers an easy-to-use platform and a few different payment methods such as SEPA bank transfers for European residents! The fees are only 3.9% here which is really reasonable. They sells BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH only at the moment and will not allow you to buy other alts coins!


Coinhouse, recognized as very reliable, will allow you to pay for your purchases using European bank transfers. The company comes from the same French company that opened the Maison Du Bitcoin, a physical counter in Paris for acquiring Bitcoins on site.

First, you will need to verify your identity with a copy of your ID and a selfie. After that, you will be able to buy Bitcoins by SEPA bank transfer. The fees range from 3.49% for SEPA transfers and can go down to 2.49% with a Premium account which can be interesting if you buy crypto regularly!


Coinbase has established itself as the leader among Bitcoin buying sites in recent years.
Its ease of use and graphical interface make it the first choice for beginners who can take their first steps in the world of Bitcoin without any obstacle.

Here are the main advantages of this reputable platform:

  • High limits: You can buy up to € 9,000 worth of Bitcoins per week if you pay by bank transfer. (After verifications of course).
  • Limited fees: they amount to 1.5% only for payment by bank transfer. If you are outside of Europe prefer Coinbase Pro (their trading platform) to limit costs.
  • Welcome offer: For any purchase over 100 euros, the site offers you 10 € of Bitcoins.


Paxful a Renowned company in Europe, Paxful has the particularity of allowing the purchase of Bitcoin and Tether via many different payment methods such as bank transfer, PayPal, Western Union, Revolut and many others.

The platform is well designed and easy to use if you are new to it and will allow you to easily get in touch with a seller. Like on eBay, sellers are handpicked and have a rating and review system to judge their reliability. The emphasis is on security to allow you to shop with peace of mind!


The LocalBitcoins site allows you to trade with different local Bitcoin sellers. Obviously, this implies ensuring the reliability of the seller before sending payment, in order to limit the risk of fraud. This will make your transactions less convenient and more complicated than on a regular Bitcoin purchase site.

Several options exist to make payment on the LocalBitcoins platform: the SEPA transfer, and the international SWIFT transfer are the ones that interest us here.

The site takes a commission of only 1%. However, the prices will not always be to your advantage. The sellers will aim to make a profit on the sale and this will necessarily influence the price set for the virtual currency. A word of advice: compare the offers well before you start!

For example, when the Bitcoin price is set at € 1,865, the lowest buy price I can find is € 1,968, which represents a profit of 5.5%. This makes the prices much less attractive than on a site such as Kraken or Bitstamp, although they are always more attractive than the prices charged on Coinhouse (on small volumes).

On the other hand, you will undoubtedly pass through the systematic request for identity verification of classic Bitcoin sales sites. Most sellers don’t always require it. If you want to shop in complete confidentiality, without any trace of your information and transactions, this site is the one you should prioritize and it will cost you a little extra.


Bitstamp is One of my best platforms/website of choice for buying BTC via SEPA lately because it is slightly faster than Kraken (this is only my concern here), and offering much better levels of liquidity.

Bitstamp is a great platform that allows you to get hold of Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, BCH, and Ripple. As with Kraken, here the fees are € 0.09 for withdrawals and SEPA deposits are also free!

Bitstamp is a Luxembourg-based bitcoin exchange and it allows trading between USD and Euro currencies and the cryptos named above.


Kraken is an exchange of quality and it offers very good services for all the people residing in Europe. This exchange offers a solid platform with fast execution of your orders, innovative features, exceptional support and a good level of security.

This buying and trading platform allows you to buy Bitcoin via SEPA bank transfer but also gives you access to many altcoins available on the platform!

Here, deposits via SEPA transfer are free and do not generate any costs. The withdrawals to an account in Europe cost € 0.09 per order which is really little. I just blame it for its poor liquidity levels on some peers, but it’s still a good platform overall.

This is my favorite payment method to buy coins personally and I highly recommend that you sign up on Zebitcoin or Coinhouse which are currently the best options in my opinion to get coins without too much cost! Of course, with this payment method, forget about anonymity here !

Have you ever bought Bitcoins by wire transfer? Does this payment method appeal to you more than any other?

What is the advantage of buying Bitcoin via bank transfer or SEPA?

It is the payment method that generates the lowest overall costs when you buy cryptocurrency. In Europe, most banks use the SEPA system which allows fast and free transfers. Broker or exchange platforms generally take the lowest fees on this kind of payment!

How to make a bank transfer to buy Bitcoin on this kind of sites?

Once your account has been created and verified, the site will give its bank details in the “deposit” section, which will allow you to make your transfer. Please note that most sites give you a reference code to add to the details of your transfer to be able to quickly process your deposit!

Is bank transfer a secure way to buy cryptocurrency?

Yes, SEPA bank transfer is one of the safest ways to get digital currencies. It’s our favorite way to keep costs down!

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