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The best 3 alternative to the Binance crypto credit Card (best crypto credit cards in year 2021)

by Abbey

Here is the list of the top and the best alternative to the Binance crypto credit card in the year 2021. Using a crypto credit card will you the ability to convert and spend your favorite crypto coins with more than 60 million merchants worldwide. You can easily transfer crypto from your spot wallet to your card wallet, and you’re done. You can start spending your money. Exactly the same as you would pay with a regular debit or credit card.

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Here is the list of best crypto credit cards.

Yes, there are certainly other crypto credit cards apart from Binance. Last year there were more crypto credit cards available than ever before. Here is a list of three good and reliable crypto credit cards alternatives in the year 2021.

1. MCO Visa Card by Crypto.com

The MCO Visa Credit card from Crypto.com is a beginner-friendly crypto card that makes it super easy to buy, exchange, and spend Cryptocurrencies. Crypto.com is one of the market leaders when it comes to crypto credit cards and were also one of the first to bring one to the market. They now convert millions of dollars every day.

It is a simple debit card and the user can spend his crypto coins with it.
What makes this card unique, however, is the fact that the owner of the card is not forced to exchange the crypto coins for fiat money if you want to have money on the card.

Two other positive features of this card are that it is already used and accepted in many places. You also have access to a smartphone app, an option to exchange cryptos, a wallet, a staking service and automated trading. In general, this crypto credit card is considered to be the best of all cards currently on the market.

2. Wirex Crypto Visa Card

Wirex is a very safe option for crypto credit cards. It is also one of the oldest firms to issue crypto credit cards. As soon as you pay for something with this card, your digital coins are instantly converted to the local currency at the best interbank and OTC (over the counter) rates, all with no exchange fees. At the moment they work with 18 different crypto coins and traditional currencies.

This card is useful if you travel or stay abroad a lot. With all payments in local currency you save 3% costs. However, you have a monthly limit of up to 400.- USD with pins. The cashback is also a maximum of only 1.5% per transaction. Nonetheless, Wirex has an excellent reputation.

3. Bitwala Crypro Visa Card

Overall, the Bitwala Visa mastercard is an excellent option for beginners looking for an easy-to-use crypto credit card experience and banking. The card charges a low fee, 1% per transaction. When you apply for a Bitwala card, you will receive a German bank account as well as a crypto wallet. This requires a know-your-customer (KYC) check that takes about 15 minutes.

These German guys, who have their headquarters in Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany, are newcomers with a dot. They are one of the first to offer banking as well as integrated and independent crypto wallets and trading services. This means that they do not have a key for your crypto wallet and therefore cannot lose your coins. They also offer a debit card for daily use. However, this can only be requested by EU residents.



The three crypto cards mentioned here are only a fraction of what is available to consumers today. The market is growing and the popularity of the crypto coins continues to grow steadily. This also ensures a good supply of different crypto credit cards.
However, this article is about the best alternative to the Binance Visa Card.

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