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The Role of Miners in Bitcoin and blockchain

by Abbey

Do you know how new values are added to the bitcoin or blockchain system? Do you know how transactions are authorized and validated in bitcoin? No, don’t worry; in this article, we will learn about the role of the miner in the bitcoin processor in the blockchain process. We all know that bitcoin is a decentralized system that means no one can control it, but different people play an important role in smoothly running the bitcoin process. So, without wasting any time, let’s understand the main working areas of miners and what they will receive for their works.

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How miners would exist:

Bitcoin started in 2008, and in the first place, the founder of bitcoin named Satoshi Nakamoto had created the first 50,000 bitcoin to start the process or chain of bitcoin, and now in today’s era, there is 21 million bitcoin in the market. Do you think that all the twenty million bitcoin were created by Satoshi Nakamoto? No, it is incorrect; Satoshi just gave the push to bitcoin by producing 50,000 bitcoins at that time. So here the question arises how remained bitcoin came into the market circulation? The answer is given below:



After circulating the 50,000 bitcoins in the market, the bitcoin community started growing, and the price was increasing rapidly. There would need more and more bitcoins to perform many transactions, there is a need to maintain the very complicated blockchain system, and not a common person can handle it or control it. For more information, you can visit The Crypto Genius Auto-Bot.

Two problems arose that and then Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of bitcoin, came with a solution. There are the following problems given below:

Validating the transactions permanently

Adding or creating new values into the existing system for the smooth running of the bitcoin
These were the major problems that arose at the time, and then Satoshi Nakamoto came with the solution of giving roles, and the role is called miners. So, yes, the miners are the only ones who can solve these problems.

Who are miners?

Miners are the individuals or groups of individuals that are helping the bitcoin for its smooth and continual functionality. They are not normal persons, they can solve the major problems of bitcoin and blockchain, and the major problems are validating the transactional page and adding new values into the existing bitcoin system.

If you want to be a miner, you must be an expert in programming and mathematics, and you cannot validate and produce more value without programming and mathematics. It is very complex to solve the equations, and if you can solve the mathematical equation, that means you are a miner.

The main work of miners is to validate the transactions that mean when someone sends some bitcoin from his wallet, then it will be checked by miners, and after the approval or validating by the miner, the transactions will be listed to the blockchain, and there is not a person who is doing the validation process and adding new values, there are a lot more miners who are validating at every minute, and it is a very difficult process. If one computer is hacked or cracked, then it will affect or stop the entire transactions of bitcoins; it will always continue because there, not one miner; however, there are many miners.

What is the analogy behind the miners?

Do you know why miners are called miners? Well, the simple analogy is that you have seen many gold and silver miners who are digging and find new raw gold and silver, and there is also a miner in the bitcoin network who is mining bitcoin by solving complex mathematical equations.

Do they get a salary?

Miners are working hard and solve complex mathematical equations for the smooth functioning of bitcoin and blockchain, but the question is, do they get a salary? The answer is no; they do not get a salary; instead, they get bitcoin as a reward for validating the transactions and for producing more and more bitcoins.

From the above information, we have learned that miners are the real heroes that are working behind the bitcoin system, solving the complex mathematical equations, validating each transaction each second and minute, and they get bitcoin as a reward but not salary. You can also be a miner, but you must be an expert in mathematics and programming.

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