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CryptoTab Browser Review Legit or Scam? A browser that allows you to mine Crytocurrency with Little effort.

by Abbey

What is CryptoTab Browser?

CryptoTab is a browser that allows you to mine bitcoin cryptocurrency with little effort. All you have to do is to install CryptoTab Browser on your PC, mobile or tablet and start earning small fractions of bitcoin for free.



This browser is an easy and effective solution to earn BTC. There are many people who think that CryptoTab is a scam, but I believe that those who say that have not even tried it. Don’t worry, I have made this article with the intention of explaining to you everything I know and I have learned about CryptoTab in these two years that I have been using it.

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If you have arrived here looking for information about CryptoTab Browser, I recommend you to stay until the end, this way you will know everything about how it works and other important details. Alternatively, you can also Go to Bitcoin Digital platform and start your trading journey.

My CryptoTab Browser Personal Reviews 2021

It is time to evaluate CryptoTab. After 2 years of using it I have been lucky enough to test all versions on different devices and platforms, and the results are not as good as I expected or hoped for. Bottom line and just so you understand me, bitcoin mining is very slow. No matter how much you connect new devices you don’t notice any progress.
From my experience, from the different versions of CrpytoTab I would review the following.

CryptoTab Browser (desktop): Probably the first thing you use is the browser from a computer or desktop pc. The disappointment is huge when you realize how slow it works. And if your computer is old or your internet connection is bad, it will be even worse. Very low profits.

CryptoTab App: If you decide to try the app you will be in the same situation as from the pc, the mining is still as slow. There is no progress. The only usefulness I see to the application is the flexibility it gives you because you can use it from anywhere and at any time, otherwise, it is useless.

CryptoTab Pro: The solution to this problem seemed to be CryptoTab PRO but what was my surprise when I tried it and realized right away that I had thrown $3 in the trash. With the PRO version you earn the same as with the normal app. Multiplying by 10 the mining process is absurd, you can’t see any improvement even if you pay for it.

So far my personal review of the 3 versions. With this I don’t mean that CryptoTab doesn’t work, what I want you to understand is that if I download Cryptotab and I’m going to earn 300 satoshis a day, I’d rather click on a Faucet and earn the same but much faster.

What is the best way to earn money with CryptoTab Browser.

The best way to earn money in CrpyoTab is to have a large network of referrals, if you don’t have one you will only earn, at most 200-300 satoshis a day, and with luck, so it is highly recommended to use the affiliate system if you really want to earn real money with this browser.

Otherwise, apart from the earnings issue, I am delighted with this project. Although it may not seem like it, I give it a high rating, which is already a lot considering my review.

Does CryptoTab pay? is it safe, legit and reliable or is it a SCAM?

CryptoTab has positioned itself as one of the best platforms to earn fractions of bitcoins for free, so there is no doubt that it is a reliable site. As for whether it is legit or not, there is no doubt about that either. In these two years I have not received any complaint about any issue. Besides, since its launch it has not stopped paying, and that’s what matters, whether you like it or not.

CryptoTab started paying out as low as 30,000 satoshi or 0.0003 BTC but later implemented a much more affordable minimum withdrawal of only 0.00001 Btc, or 1000 satoshis.



To withdraw your earnings in Bitcoins you must have a Wallet. If you don’t have one yet, I recommend you to create a Payeer account, this way you will have your wallet in Dollars, Euros, Rubles and different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

Going back to the payment, once you reach the minimum amount of 1000 Satoshi you can request a withdrawal by clicking on the menu and then on “withdraw BTC”. It’s as simple as entering your BTC address or Wallet, the amount of Btc you want to withdraw, solve the captcha and click on the blue “Withdraw” button.



Payments are usually processed in 24-48 hours. In my case I requested the amount you see in the image, 0.00415933 BTC and I received it the next day in my Coinbase account.

And it’s not the only payment. Since I have been using CryptoTab I have received dozens of withdrawals.

How to download CryptoTab Browser on Windows, Android and Mac

One of the first things you should do is to have the browser installed. If you don’t have it yet, I invite you to download it, it’s free and it takes no time at all.

1. To download CryptoTab, click on this link and the platform in question will open.

2. Scroll down a little and click on the “DOWNLOAD” button. This may vary depending on the device you are using. In mobile version it looks like this.



3. Wait for the file to download.

4. Once downloaded, open the file and install the browser.

5. As soon as the installation is complete you will have your browser ready to start earning bitcoins.

If you see that when you open the browser it doesn’t ask you for email or anything, I recommend you to open the menu and look for an option to add your email. You also have the option to access through your Google account, this way you can use CryptoTab from multiple devices with same account and generate profits in all of them.

How does CryptoTab Browser works

Actually CryptoTab’s operation is very basic. Anyone with no previous experience can install it and start earning fractions of Btc for free as you will see below.

Simply open the CryptoTab browser and activate Bitcoin mining. To do this you must slide the mining bar to the right as shown in the image.



The power is up to you, but I recommend to set it as I have it, that is, to the maximum.

Then you don’t have to do anything else, just make sure you don’t close the CryptoTab browser. You can leave it in the background if you want but do not close it. In the meantime you can use another browser and do other things and without realizing it you will be generating small fractions of Bitcoin passively and automatically.


Anyway, this is the end of today’s article. If you have any questions or if you want to contribute something or simply share your experience, leave a comment below. Don’t have a CryptoTab account? Download the browser and start earning fractions of Bitcoin for free. Greetings and see you next time!

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