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What are Bitcoin Halving advantages and disadvantages?

by Abbey

Bitcoin is the most used and most popular crypto of the present time. The trading practice involves the exchange of several entities and getting something in return. The return is in the form of cryptocurrency, a traditional fiat economic asset, or some service rendered in return. Various new terms are attached to the word bitcoin of which mining and blockchain are the most famous. Mining is the bone responsible for holding up the structure of the entire bitcoin structure and which in return is backed up by blockchain. Blockchain is the decentralized platform that is constantly working in the generation of bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies and are developing more and more with every day passing by. Year by year, new technologies are introduced and the older ones become less used and sometimes obsolete. If you want to trade in bitcoin, there are platforms like this Trading Software.

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The nature of updating with time is one of the prime factors of a technological event and is followed in every event related to technology. Bitcoin halving is one such event happening on the digital platform and is repeated every four years. Thus, it makes an important event that needs to be discussed. In this article, we are going to study bitcoin halving and the effects of halving.

Bitcoin halving

Whenever we use the word bitcoin, by default an important term that came into the minds of investors is its mining. Bitcoin mining is responsible for the generation of bitcoins and the programmers that are responsible for the generation of bitcoin are known by the name miners. Thus, bitcoin miners play an important role in the entire bitcoin chain and are constantly working towards its strengthening. The miners that are responsible for bitcoin generation are rewarded with some shares as some reward and this is their fee for working and their source of income in short. The bitcoin halving refers to the decrease in that share in half. Thus, bitcoin halving can be defined as to be the process of getting a half share of the reward. This event occurs every four years and the policy of halving is pre-decided and written in the algorithm of bitcoin.

Working of bitcoin halving

We all know that a decentralized form of network is behind this generation of bitcoin. The P2P mechanism allows the users working on nodes to solve complex mathematical algorithms and in return, they are paid around 6 BTC as a reward. An estimate is made and it is found that each block of transaction takes around 10 minutes to get added to the blockchain. Also, after every 200000 blocks, the value of the reward is halved and according to an estimate, this condition arises once in four years. The first time when this condition came into existence was in July 2016 and the recent happening was in May 2020. The next bitcoin halving is going to happen in May 2024.

Advantages of bitcoin halving

  • The foremost advantage of bitcoin halving is experienced by the investors because they can enjoy higher prices when halving occurs.
  • Bitcoin halving positively affects the supply of bitcoin.
  • As the supply of bitcoin is limited, so the risk of overspending in case of reward is protected by halving.
  • Halving can be responsible for the bull run of the digital market.

Disadvantages of bitcoin halving

  • The chances of the price getting more volatile increase during the halving process. As a result, even an expert cannot make predictions about market trends.
  • The reward gets halved causing the miners to pay less interest to the profession, thus making the mining process less interesting and effective.
  • It has the ultimate end towards the ending of the bitcoin chain. Thus, this will lead to the extinction of some cryptocurrencies.

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