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101 Free Printable and Coloring Pages Collections For kids

by Abbey

   If you are looking for drawings to color and print you are at the right place. Kids love to scribble and paint no matter what, all they need is a sheet of paper and something that comes out colorful to show off their creativity. Coloring designs is an extremely important natural activity and it encourages the development of several essential skills.
   This can be a form of personal expression for children, who can not always express themselves adequately through speech or writing. The simple act of coloring can be therapeutic for many children. It also an activity used in many hospitals, learning centers and institutions to enable “unloading” of emotions, feelings and frustrations.

   It is fun and also enhances children’s and toddlers motor skills, an act of entertainment, a way to interact with markers, paints, crayons, wax and paper, work on and strengthen the hands muscles. A basic coordination and a joint effort between the arms and hands muscles are required, once developed, will allow the children to perform more demanding activities, without major difficulties.

So, thinking about it, and after several requests, we decided to bring a gallery of images and printable drawings for you to use in your children lessons to pass the time.

List of free printable and coloring pages collections:

Insects and Animal Coloring Pages:

There are many animals of different species, sizes, shapes and colors. These color and printable drawings are great for children to learn more about animals by painting them the right color.

Bee Coloring Pages:

Check out these wonderful bees drawings to color and cheer up:

Eagles printable coloring pages:

Moose printable coloring pages:

Ben 10 Coloring Pages:

A 10-year-old boy discovers a magical device that can turn him into 10 different alien heroes, each with unique abilities. With this new power, the boy helps people and fights evildoers.
Ben 10 is one of the favorite characters of the kids. Check out this gallery of amazing designs to print and color:

Beauty and the Beast print designs:

Beauty and the Beast is a Disney classic. No doubt one of the most incredible animations and coloring your drawings is something that will make any child happy:

Barbie Coloring Pages:

Barbie is a character that has never gone out of style among girls. That’s why I decided to bring some coloring and coloring pictures of this doll that can be anything you want, from Princess to Nurse and from Supermodel to Mermaid!

Easter Drawings – Coloring Pages

Boys and Girls, everyone loves Easter coloring and printing, especially when you have those well-made, bonded Giant eggs.

Butterfly Drawing- Coloring Pages

when i was very young, butterflies were my favorite painting designs, because i can paint any way i want and they will still look beautiful. In the end, the more colorful the butterflies are, the more beautiful they become.

Flowers drawing- Coloring pages

Flower designs are great for those who enjoy nature and its flora. Students can learn about different types of flowers and color them.

Bible drawing Coloring Pages

Biblical designs are very popular among children. especially those who have the story of David and Goliath, Noah’s ark that has several animals, among many others I adore.

Dinosaur drawing coloring Pages

Dinosaurs. The oldest animals on planet earth. how good it is to discover how they were and how they lived, drawing and painting some of these images.

Cartoons cars Coloring Pages for Boys

Boys love cartoons car designs. They always like to paint the cars the way they see it in their imaginations, with the thought that in the future they will have similar cars.

Mermaid Drawings- Coloring Pages

Mermaids are magnificent creatures, half human half fish. Besides being a significant character in our folklore, they also has a great role in child’s creativity, which makes them to think whether or not mermaids exist.

Famous Characters Drawings- Coloring Pages

Famous movies characters and heroes color pages, for both boys and girls such as Minions, Pooh Bear,Hello Kitty, LadyBug, Canine Patrol, spiderman and Sofia Princess.

Thanks for following this post here. If you liked this list, and want more, we have several others to cheer up your kids. Leave your comment and share with colleagues,we wish you beautiful and colorful dreams.

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