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5 Games and Activities to Help Your Children In Learning To Read

by Abbey

   Are you looking for Reading and gaming activities to help your child or student to easily learn how to read? Learning to read will always requires development and great effort from children. It is an important phase of life, that needs to be handled by adults with lots of responsibility and seriousness. Young children should be made to see reading as fun rather than difficult or weaknesses, teachers or parents needs to know how to encourage them to improve on their mistakes.

Top 5 Learn to Read Activities or Games:

We have prepared this list of activities to learn how to read. The following activities can be used in elementary schools. This is for reading and learning playfully, interact with schoolmates and to awaken creativity and intelligence.

1. Syllable eater shark

This activity is geared towards recreation and distraction at the time of activities. But even being a fun game, it also helps in learning and stimulates the acquisition of language and knowledge of syllables.

This is a gaming activity for recreation, it is a fun game that can helps in learning and stimulates acquisition of language and knowledge in syllables.

Resources for this activity:

  • Shoe box.
  • Colorful cardboard.
  • Gouache paint.
  • Scissors.

Step by step to the activity:

  • Make a triangular cut on the lid of the box, this will be the mouth of the shark.
  • Decorate and paint the box with the gouache paint.
  • Cut the colored cards shaped like little fish, to fit in the space of the shark’s mouth.
  • Write syllables on the little fish’s body.
  • Children need to put the little fish inside the shark and repeat syllables the shark is eating.

2. First letter of my name

This is geared towards children learning to write their own names. This activity helps in the knowledge of alphabets, as well as stimulating group activity, due to the fact children will always recognize and remember the first letter of their own names.

Resources for this activity:

  • Pieces of paper with alphabet.
  • String.
  • 3 × 4 children’s photos.
  • Preachers of clothing.

Step by step to the activity:

  • Make a line with the alphabet of paper chips.
  • With the help of the teacher, have each child attach a photo of her to the card with the first letter of his or her name.
  • Make tokens with their names to attach along with the photos.
  • Display the photo clip in the classroom.
  • You can attach on a wall or above the classroom.

3. Learning by copying

Looking and copying is a good form of memory excercise. By encouraging your kids to read and copy newspapers and magazines will greatly increase reading skills and enhanced writhing and skills.

Resources for the activity:

  • Magazines and newspapers.
  • Scissors.
  • White glue.
  • White paper.
  • Crayons.

Step by step to the activity:

  • Ask children to cut letters/Alphabets from newspapers and magazines.
  • Help them form their names with the letters they cut.
  • Use the White glue to glue/join them together.
  • With the crayons, ask them to copy or draw the glue letters of the magazines on the white paper.
  • Have them repeat the process with various colors of crayons until they memorize it.

4. The Vowel Game

The vowels are part of the initial phase of literacy. This activity helps in the memory of these letters and in the stimulus of writing. A very fun game to play with children in the early stage of literacy.

Resources for the activity:

  • Paper chips with vowels.
  • Tape.
  • Given with vowels:
  • Image here

Step by step to this activity:

  • With the help of the tape, paste the vowels in the classroom.
  • A child goes forward and throws the dice with the vowel.
  • She needs to write on the board, below the vowel, a word that begins with that letter.
  • If the children do not know how to write, ask them to speak the word.

5. First letter of the room items:

In the room we have many interesting items, these items can help a lot at the time of learning. Let the kids pick out their favorite items and help them name all of these items. Keeping written words in the room helps in absorption and memorization as it is always visible.

Resources for this activity:

  • Paper chips with the letters of the alphabet.
  • Scotch tape.

Step by step to this activity:

  • Give the children the chips with the letters of the alphabet.
  • Tape the back of the tabs.
  • Ask the children to look for items in the classroom whose names begin with the letter they received.
  • Let the children attach the token in the item.
  • Keep the chips in the classroom so the children can remember the initials of each item.

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