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(VIABUY) Get a Foreign bank account with your own personal IBAN– and a prepaid credit card

by Abbey

This is my personal opinion about Viabuy payment system. They currently offers a Foreign bank account for international citizen with free personal IBAN– and a prepaid credit prepaid card. It is currently virtually impossible for many entrepreneurs to open a bank account. Many banks have a very strict client acceptance policy. As an alternative, we offer you to use the VIABUY payment account both professionally and privately.

Compared to other prepaid credit cards, VIABUY offers you a personal IBAN. This gives you a foreign bank account. Use this IBAN to top up your card free of charge – or have clients pay your invoices via this IBAN.

You can use this method to deposit money on your card, for example, you can have the invoices paid on this, or you can have your employer, friends or family members deposit money. If you want to put money directly on your card, you can use one of the direct top-up methods.

The VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard is based on prepaid credit with its own card account and an extensive online banking function. So you can easily pay all your bills online worldwide.

Your VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard card account will be created with the order confirmation and you can top up credit on the card. The card account can be topped up quickly and easily using paypal, transferwise, and many other payment methods with money that can be spent flexibly when you shop or withdraw cash from ATMs. With the IBAN linked to your personal account you can top up your card safely and free of charge. Even bills can be paid online from your card account.

Getting a Viabuy prepaid Mastercard, benefits, and Features

* Exclusive design – Highly rated prepaid Mastercard in elegant black or gold – there is no difference between a standard Mastercard and the VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard
* Open your account in minutes – 100% online verification
* No separate bank account required; no bank history or BKR check required; no proof of income required no attachment possible.
* 100% acceptance as an EU resident
* 24/7 control over your deposits via email notification for all incoming and outgoing payments
* Choose the name for your VIABUY prepaid Mastercard (anonymous banking)
* Various charging options: charging via SEPA is free, low-cost alternatives
* Charging from a third party bank account is also possible
* No costs for payments in euros
* Direct transfer from one VIABUY card to another – without any costs
* Up to three extra cards for family or friends
* Top up your card annually with 1000 euros up to 15000 euros depending on your level of identification. With the highest identification level (IDV3) you can charge without limit. Change your level of identification easily by uploading specific documents into your online account.

Click on the official website to apply for a Viabuy Mastercard

Salary and other income

With an acceptance rate of 100% * and its own card account with online banking functions, the VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard is the perfect Mastercard card for all people with a negative credit history, personal bankruptcy, or seizure of accounts. If you do not have a bank account, if your account has been seized, if you want to use a card for your income, or if you prefer to use a separate account abroad, you can deposit these payments into your VIABUY Mastercard card account. Provide your personal IBAN to the sender, for example, your employer or client (for non-euro bank transfers please use the bank details for international transfer).

The VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard is issued by the eMoney institute PPRO Financial Limited, headquartered in London. PPRO is one of the fastest-growing FinTechs in Europe and an international hub for alternative payment methods. We offer innovative e-money and credit card solutions for both customers and companies. PPRO has received its license from the British FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

PPRO is one of Europe’s largest emitters of e-money and prepaid cards. Our success is based on developing innovative products that help people and companies manage their daily payments. Our own branded products are VIABUY (1 million customers), CrossCard for companies with staff and Fleetmoney, designed to meet the specific needs of a company’s drivers.

We are a main member of Mastercard and VISA and are certified according to level 1 of the PCI DSS. In practice this is
means that we can issue prepaid cards for all VISA and Mastercard acceptance points and that we handle card data in accordance with the strictest security standards.

What can you do with VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard:

Especially for business users who have problems opening a business bank account, you can choose from a French or English Iban number.

(Definitely recommended for the entrepreneur who wants to do business internationally)

Cash Deposit:
Use a payment order at the post office, Western Union, or purchase a recharge voucher at a newsstand or tobacconist, or at any of the 300,000 retail outlets in Europe and North Africa.

Pay for all your purchases:
The international Mastercard® payment card works at any store or on the Internet where the Mastercard® logo is displayed

Receive your income :
Easily receive your income, salary or commissions, invoices, in whole or in part

Receive bank transfers:
Easily get cash payments from all your relations nationally or internationally.

Send bank transfers:
Pay your bills by a national or international transfer within a few clicks.

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