Home banks (Sunrise-Bank Passbook USA bank Account) Get a Free US Virtual Checking Account and Visa Credit card No SSN or ITIN is Required

(Sunrise-Bank Passbook USA bank Account) Get a Free US Virtual Checking Account and Visa Credit card No SSN or ITIN is Required

by Abbey

Sunrise Banks Checking Account by Passbook, is one of the best and trusted mobile digital bank for migrants. This international money transfer platform is brought to you by Remitly together with FDIC Member Sunrise Banks Partners to Offer Free U.S. Checking Accounts and Passbook Visa Card. Without SSN (Social security Number) or itin, you can register with a valid passport and proof of US address to open your US account remotely.

Advantages and disadvantages of passbook by Remity account:

Here are the Pros and cons of using Passbook for Non-citizen

  • No account management fee / monthly fee / annual fee
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No overdraft charges
  • Google pay and apple pay are supported.
  • Checking account and visa card are provided in cooperation with FDIC member (sunrise bank)
  • Remittance App now remits $2 per cash rebate, and the first remittance reward is $15
  • Can Link US Paypal to withdrawal, does not support Privacy, support Blur.
  • No additional transaction fee (FTF) for Passbook Visa Debit card transactions.
  • The complete ACH and wire transfer functions are on the way, and the current withdrawal methods are limited.
  • See card transaction records in real-time in the APP, and SMS notifications can be set for each transaction.

Registration process:

1. Sign up for the waiting list on the website, and download and install the app.
2. Open the app, click on GET STARTED, SIGN UP WITH EMAIL, and enter your registered email and password.
3. Select the flag/Name to be printed on the card.
4. Enter First Name, Last Name.
5. Enter birthday.
6. Enter US mobile phone number (Google Voice).
7. Fill in a U.S. residential address (P.O. Box or business address is not Accepted).
8. Choose your occupation and source of income (I chose Other for both).
9. Enter your SSN or provide your passport/Mexican Matricula Consular to verify your identity
10. Input the passport number, validity period, issuing country, take photos of the passport, or upload it.
11. Submit proof of U.S. address I am submitting a Velo statement with a U.S. mailing address (FINANCIAL STATEMENTS)
12. After the review is passed, you will receive a Passbook account activation email.

The passbook card will be delivered through USPS (first class package service). My card was delivered 4 days after it was sent, the customer service can also provide you with the logistics tracking number through email, the card Bin is 410277. At present, the customer service reply speed is quite fast, within 24 hours.

Deposit Method:

You can add money to your account in different ways (there are many more coming soon).

Direct deposit
You can have your paycheck automatically credited to your account by providing your account, routing number, and authorization to your employer.

Bank transfer
You can log in to your other bank accounts and use your Passbook routing and account numbers to Transfer money into your passbook account – your routing numbers and account number can be easily found in the Passbook app. Bank transfers usually take three to five business days.

Your other banks may ask for additional information in order to transfer money to Passbook.
Account type: choose a checking account
Bank Name: enter “Sunrise Banks”

Cash deposit

You can make a cash deposit at any one of over 90,000 stores in the United States. At the store, tell the cashier you want to make a cash deposit, then give them your cash and Passbook Visa debit card! . Retail service fees and restrictions may apply to different stores.

Transfer money from other payment services (such as PayPal, Venmo or Cash App).
Another way to deposit money in Passbook is to use services such as PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App. To do this, you need to follow the instructions provided by these different services to add or link your Passbook account, and then use their application or website to transfer your money to Passbook.

How to Link to another bank account:
You can also link another bank account in the Passbook app to make a bank transfer.

  • In the Passbook app.
  • Go to the “Add money” page
  • Click on Transfer from a bank account
  • Click on Link a new bank account (via Plaid link)
  • Find and select your other banks from the list.
  • Login to your other bank account (we do not store your other bank account credentials).
  • Follow the prompts after the account link.

This account can be used to replace my Velo account. For people like me who don’t have $2500 spare money, I will not use the velo account any more. It just shows that I’m not a target customer of velo. Velo mentioned $25 / month management fee. To be honest, it’s really not worthy of that service.

I hope passbook can improve its digital banking business as soon as possible. At present, the overall service is very good.

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