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How to open a USA Sable mobile bank Checking Account without SSN / itin with passport-eligible for international Resident

by Abbey
open a sable account no ssn
open a sable account no ssn

open a sable account no ssn

How To Open a U.S. Bank Account and Build Credit History with Sable Bank Online without the need for a Social Security Number or ITIN in the Year 2020. Sable checking accounts have no minimum balance requirements, no account management fees, no ACh transfer, and wire transfer fees, and up to $250000 of FDIC insurance.
Sable, is the first online digital bank for international citizens in the United States, they provide full-featured US accounts, sable debit cards, and credit cards.

You only need a valid passport, a US visa, US address, and mobile number to register online. Sable American Mobile Banking with no Social Security Number or ITIN required, passport-eligible.

This company can be regarded as the U.S. version of the “Challenger bank”, because, unlike Monzo and N26, which are European mobile banks that have begun to expand their business in the United States, Sable was founded and started operations in the United States.

As many people have come to the United States, they believe that traditional banks are expensive and unfair to the international community. So they started to build sable to change everyone’s banking. This is the fastest-growing mobile bank in history, with a founding team of six people. It took them only three months from the first line of code to use the Sable card to buy the first cup of coffee.

Sable’s faith?

1. Banking services should be free: this is why Sable offers free bank accounts, there is no minimum limit and free remittances.

2. Banking should be simple: Therefore, Sable allows online account opening within 5 minutes and ready to use the virtual card immediately.

3. Banking should be equal: This is why Sable does not need an SSN or US credit history. Opening a bank account should have nothing to do with where you came from.

4. Banking business should be borderless: moving from one country to another should be a truly smooth experience in all directions.

As a Sable customer you will get:

  • A no-fee U.S. Checking account and guaranteed credit card.
  • A virtual credit card that can be used immediately after you deposit funds in your account (I feel this is a debit card)
  • Sable’s referral bonus when you refer the bank to a friend.
  • Sable Guaranteed Credit Card enables you to establish a U.S. personal credit history from the first day.
    Fund your account to activate your secure credit card.

How to Open a Sable Account and the application registration process:

Step 1: Open the Sable app, click I am new here to register:

You can click here to download the sable mobile app for your smartphone, it is available for both iOS and Android.



Now, after registration, the first month you spend more than $ 100, there is a $ 20 reward. There are also rewards for inviting others to sign up.

There are $25 rewards for $100 deposit, $200 or more for DD (direct deposit), and another $ 50 rewards for both the inviter and the invitee.

Tip Registration requires your passport, U.S. mailing address, mobile phone number.

Step 2: Enter your email address → enter the password → click on the verification link sent to your email and go back to the App



Step 3: (Login account →) Select Sable debit card or credit card.

Step 4: Choose whether you are a US citizen → whether you have an SSN → enter your phone number → submit your passport and US visa information for KYC authentication. Having a Social Security Number is not needed or compulsory.

Step 5: You should receive an email that the account has been opened. However, if you have chosen that you don’t have a US visa or SSN in Step 4 above. You will receive another email like this below:

” Hi,

Thank you for signing up with Sable!

When we tried to validate your I94 record, we were unable to confirm that it’s linked to your current passport. If you traveled to the US on an older passport, we can try to verify your record through the former passport, if you can provide us with a copy. Otherwise, if you have a valid US Visa, you may send it to us for verification.

If you think we have made an error, kindly attach your I94 record so that we can check your document again.

We require that all users have a valid passport and US Visa/I94 record of entry into the US for us to open your account.

We look forward to seeing you use Sable very soon!

-Sable Customer Support”

Those with a valid U.S. visa can try to apply for the Sable U.S. mobile bank, which has FDIC insurance and provides a guaranteed credit card that can be converted into no deposit. There is no monthly fee management and no transfer in and out fees. Generally speaking, this is a U.S. bank account that can be applied for by foreigners in any country, it is much better than the Velo U.S. account.

Sable is a service provider of Evolve Bank and Trust. All deposit accounts with the same ownership and/or attribution in Evolve Bank and Trust® will be consolidated and insured with the same FDIC certificate 35546.

Frequently asked questions FAQs for using Sable accounts:

1: Why can’t I find my U.S. personal credit history at the credit institution/credit bureau?

Using a Sable card to establish your US credit history is a major advantage of using Sable. We will start reporting your credit history three months after you start using your credit card, and will retroactively report your credit history from the first time you paid with a Sable account. Click here for the official document. 

We are currently integrating with major credit institutions in the United States and will begin reporting credit records in May 2020.

Sable reports your credit history to the credit bureaus the third month after you open your card and make your first purchase The credit history starts the moment you make your first purchase with Sable.

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