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How To add Money to your HDFC PayZapp Mobile Account Wallet (No Verification and No Bank Account Needed 2021)

by Abbey


This post is about a tutorial and steps on how to add Money into your PayZapp Mobile e-wallet Account on your smartphone, with No Verification and No Bank Account Needed.

You need to add an existing bank credit or debit card in other to deposit money into your wallet. You can always delete the card details later after adding them.

If you don’t have a card, you can use someone else’s credit or debit card to add a small amount of balance (make sure you take permission from the owner)

To add a Card and Transfer funds into your account follow these steps:

Make sure you have Register/Create an account and able to login: How To Create/Register a Free HDFC PayZapp Mobile Account (No Verification and No Bank Account Needed 2021)

Click on the Options menu located at the top left corner of the app.



Scroll down and select the “Managed Cards” option. You will get your virtual
card after we add money using a physical credit/debit card, you can delete/remove these card details later.

Enter any name you want for your card, your card number, the valid through / validity date, finally you need to add the owner’s name(As it appears on the card) and click on Add card.

After your card has been added successfully, go back to the App homepage and click on Pay/Send Money.

You can now add a small amount of money to your wallet. To do this click on the Plus button icon at the top right of the screen. just like the screenshot below.

Note: You will see a notification message just press ok to ignore it.

Enter the amount you want to add to your account e.g 10 rupees make sure your card is selected and click on add money. Enter the OTP that will be sent to your phone number in other to confirm the transaction and click on submit to complete the transaction.

Now that money has been added to our account, it is time to get our virtual Visa debit card. How To get a Free HDFC PayZapp Virtual International Visa card

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