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How to apply for Leicester city football Club scholarship trials online (Application form, Registration, and requirements)

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Leicester City’s Academy has produced some of the world’s most reputable footballers over the years. The Football Academy is dedicated to identifying talented young players and providing quality coaching in conjunction with a relevant education package in order to produce young men of integrity capable of playing professional football at the Premier League and Football League levels.



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They are fully committed to providing a top-quality experience to all of our players aged eight to 21 years old, through their player-centred focus and the implementation of the club’s ‘Committed to Excellence’ technical programme, in order to provide the best chance of eventually making the First Team at Leicester City.

How to get a trial at Leicester City’s Academy and Get a football Scholarships year 2022:

How Leicester City’s Academy works:

In accordance with the EPPP requirements, football academies must provide a significant education program for all players, and Leicester City Football Club recognizes the importance of education in player development.

Academically, players are constantly monitored, with continuous liaison with schools, as well as six-week reports for players and parents to monitor grade progress, behavior, and attitude toward learning.

Tutor-specific support for English, Math, and Science is provided on a daily basis during our curriculum program for day-release players.

Education is critical in the development of each individual who is accepted into the club’s scholarship program at the age of 16. Players’ academic capabilities are assessed and support mechanisms are put in place to follow a learning pathway suitable to each player’s needs.

How to Contact Leicester City FC Academy email support for a scholarship trial request and inquires:

If you would like to contact Leicester City FC Academy, you can do so by sending a message to the email below:
Email: academy@lcfc.co.uk

How to Contact Leicester City FC Academy by post physical address for a scholarship trial request and inquires:

You can contact the club by post at this address below, please also include at the top the department your mail is intended for; Mail your application letters and scholarship requests to their physical address below.

Leicester City Football Club
King Power Stadium
Filbert Way

How to Contact by Telephone Numbers for a scholarship trial request and inquires:

Contact Telephone Numbers:

0344 815 5000

How to Join Leicester City FC Academy

Tryouts, special drafting, and Leicester City FC Academy Scout are just a few of the ways to get involved. Local competitions, video conferencing, and club-affiliated personnel can also aid in the identification of players.

To attract the attention of international scouts and clubs, athletes are encouraged to form their own clubs. The following summarizes professional tips on how to join the Leicester City FC Academy. It will be useful if you want to join a football academy in Europe.

  • Strong academic records supported by recommendations from your school of study
  • Provide accurate information about yourself, previous clubs (if any), and contact information.
  • Parental consent, especially for players under the age of 18.
  • Financial need proof if applying for a Leicester City FC Academy Scholarship.
  • Try to submit a video of yourself; this method is mostly applicable to international applicants.
  • Individual players and their parents will be required to follow the Academy rules and regulations during their time with the Club. The player and their parents will be informed whether or not their trial period was successful at the end of the specified trial period.
  • If the player is unsuccessful, Academy coaches will conduct a thorough evaluation to identify areas for improvement to aid future development.

How to Register for Leicester City FC Academy

A player between the ages of nine and sixteen may sign with the Academy for one, two, or four years, depending on his or her age group. The player will be informed whether the Club wishes to retain or release them at the end of the time period.

The Academy will follow the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) regulations established by both the Government and the FA, ensuring that all criteria are met throughout the registration and recruitment process.

For more information on our scouting network and development centres contact, all applications should be submitted to Steve Kinson by emailing academy.recruitment@lcfc.co.uk or the club’s official academy email address: academy@lcfc.co.uk

Applications would also be accepted by International Students and youngsters.

For more information on How to join Leicester Football
Academy visit the official Leicester City Academy website:

For subsequent updates on how to join Leicester City Academy. (Subscribe to our Newsletter here at SOCCERSGIST. Also, leave a comment for us to reply to.)

How to Secure an Academy Scholarship for Leicester City FC Academy

After we discussed how to register for Leicester City Academy, we’ll go over the key points to remember if you want a scout to come over and watch you play. It is possible to get lucky and be spotted while competing in a local competition. Viral Social Media videos are also effective. The Academy, on the other hand, offers a more direct opportunity by creating a channel through which you can contact them directly. This is a process that can also land you a football scholarship at Leicester City FC Academy in the United Kingdom.

With the assistance of our resource persons, the following are some things to keep in mind when attempting to attract the attention of the Scouts.

  • Prepare a well-detailed CV of your self. Attach a Cover Letter.
  • It is critical that you attend summer camps.
  • Always show good sportsmanship, especially when interacting with teammates.
  • Make videos of your performances while training alone or competing in inter-soccer competitions.
  • Demonstrate a strong desire to learn, which excites coaches and scouts.
  • Never miss out on local open soccer competitions.
  • Provide Player Statistics such as age, position in the field, previous clubs, School certificates, e.t.c. Do not forget to include contact details.
  • Demonstrated exceptional abilities both on and off the field.

The collected applications would be evaluated, and you would receive a response from the Academy.

More information about Leicester City FC Academy Scholarships requirements can be found at https://www.lcfc.com/academy

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