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How to apply for Tottenham Hotspur football Club scholarship online (Download Application form, Registration, and requirements)

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Tottenham Hotspur Football Club Academy nurtures talented young footballers aged eight to 23 years. They were awarded Category One status after implementing the Premier League Elite Player Performance Plan and passing their audit by Double Pass Ltd. A large staff is employed by the Academy to identify, recruit, coach, develop, and support approximately 205 talented young players.



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To create an elite environment that attracts, retains, and develops top quality players, with an ongoing supply of academy graduates to the First Team squad, while ensuring that those who fall short of this standard have the necessary skills and education to achieve success at another football club or in a vocational career.

How to get a trial at Tottenham Hotspur Academy and Get a football Scholarships year 2022:

How Tottenham Hotspur Academy works:

Tottenham Hotspur is dedicated to youth development and football. The Development Centres at the club are primarily for boys aged 10 and under.

They strive to create a fun environment within the confines of discipline that allows the boys to express themselves with flair and individualism without fear of criticism.

The Academy players in the Professional Development phase work full-time and are on Scholarship contracts. As part of their overall education, the players complete an academic education program in addition to their football commitments. Our players in the Youth Development phase combine their club training with school attendance, which includes training evenings, weekends, and during day release. The training programs for the Foundation phase squads take place after school and on weekends.

The Academy education program is in place, and it encourages each player to reach his or her full potential as he or she progresses through the development phases. This education provision is intended to be adaptable and to help each player succeed while remaining at their preferred school. It encompasses our holistic approach and includes both formal and informal education that reinforces the Academy’s high expectations in relation to the ‘Tottenham Hotspur Standard’ of: Team Spirit; Friendship; Excellence; Elite Player Conduct; Co-operation; Effort and Persistence; and Respect.

The Academy squads compete in Premier League games as well as a variety of national, European, and international tournaments.

How to Join Tottenham Hotspur Football Academy

Football is a brutally competitive sport in which to ‘make it.’ Obviously, talent is required, but true resilience and determination are required to succeed in the game. Some people are noticed early on, while others develop later, so continue to work hard and email clubs at various levels.

The higher the level at which you are currently playing, the more likely you are to be noticed, so even if you do not get a trial with Tottenham Hotspur, try to move up the leagues at whatever level you can. Don’t give up, and no matter how far you get, do it for the love of the game – professional recognition is a nice bonus, but a love of the game will satisfy you regardless of the outcome!

Please email your information to academy.trials@tottenhamhotspur.com. Please remember they get hundreds of trial applications each week, so are not able to respond to emails, and they cannot watch everyone.

For subsequent updates on how to join Tottenham Hotspur Academy. ( leave a comment for us to reply to.)

How to get scouted

Tottenham Academy scouts offer trials to players. Many players are fortunate enough to be in the right places when scouts are watching games, but Tottenham is also aware that good talent can slip through the cracks, so they offer players the opportunity to directly contact them using the information provided below. Understandably, due to the volume of applications, they are unable to respond to everyone, but this is an effective way to alert scouts about talent looking to take their football to the next level and secure a trial for Tottenham Academy. Simply gather the following information to be scouted for a trial at Tottenham Academy:

  • Players CV
  • Covering Letter
  • Players Vital Statistics: Players position, Age, Date of Birth, Height, Weight, contact email/phone/address, current club, previous clubs, detail of any trials already attended, any representative honours such as school, districts, county etc
  • Players school they attend
  • Fixture list of your current team, including location and kick off time to be passed to scout

Once you have collated all of the above information, email Tottenham Academy via this address: academy@tottenhamhotspur.com

Or check out the official club website at: https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/teams/under-18/academy-info/trials/

Tottenham Academy will assess your application and decide whether or not to send a scout to watch the game.

What are Tottenham Hotspur FC Scouts looking for?

Clearly put, talent. They recognize that players come in all shapes and sizes, with different strengths and weaknesses. They consider a player’s technical, tactical, physical, psychological, and social characteristics, as well as the relative age effect and maturation rates. They must also compare them to current Academy players in order to determine whether a target player has the potential (which, understandably, may take time) to be better than the players who have already been registered.

  • It is critical that you attend summer camps.
  • Always show good sportsmanship, especially when interacting with teammates.
  • Make videos of your performances while training alone or competing in inter-soccer competitions.
  • Demonstrate a strong desire to learn, which excites coaches and scouts.
  • Never miss out on local open soccer competitions.

Unfortunately, you may never know if scouts have spotted you. The club scouts do not always wear club gear because the presence of a scout can put unnecessary pressure on the players, making them nervous (especially younger players) or make them try much harder just because they believe someone is watching them. You will only find out if we contact you through your current club – we will always contact your coach or manager before contacting a player’s parents.

Tottenham Hotspur Academy Scholarship Requirements

Tottenham Hotspur Scholarships were set up for those that have shown outstanding potentials but cannot afford Tottenham Hotspur Academy fees. Players currently training at Tottenham Hotspur Academy are also eligible for Tottenham Hotspur Scholarships.

Requirements are similar to requirements for most Football Scholarships in Europe. They provide full funding until the prospect goes pro.

  • Must be a High School graduate unless a special discovery by scouts.
  • Must have made good grade points while in school.
  • Sound Moral character.
  • Good team Spirit.
  • Shown Outstanding both on and off pitch abilities.

For General Enquiries: email academy@tottenhamhotspur.com or call 0203 544 8500 for more information on how to get into the club academy.

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