5 Fundraising goal widget for WordPress and blogger


A fundraising thermometers and goal widgets are a great motivator as well as an awesome way to track the progress of your fundraiser. This will make supporters and volunteers to see the difference they are making to achieve their fundraising goals. There is nothing wrong with raising funds for causes that you are passionate about, …

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7 Easy Steps to Setup Twitch Donations with Streamlabs


Today I will be showing you are a simple guide on how to set up donation on twitch with streamlabs. Accepting donations from viewers is a popular way to earn additional income and Streamlabs OBS is a free and reliable app with the fastest setup process, Trusted & used by the largest streamers since 2014. …

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What laws need to be observed when doing charity work? (Labor legislation, tax code and Legal issues)


Legislation in the field of NGOs is not easy to organize – many risks arise from mistakes in its interpretation or lack of experience. NGO leaders do not always know all the requirements that must be met. Let’s take as examples labor laws, tax laws, legal issues, and consider some of the most common situations …

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5 Donation tracking and management software/Tools for non-profit


This is the collections of the best donation tracking software and tools with the best donation management feature. We have managed to select list of tools that is best for non-profit organization, It will allow them perform some main functions like: Reporting, data overview,templates, sending and deleting emails and so much more. List of Donation …

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Facebook helps with fundraising for charity


   The Facebook social network has begun testing the Personal Fundraisers function, through which users can collect donations for charity. As reported in the official blog of the company. It is one of the best ways to create even more opportunities for users to do good without leaving their profiles.    The new platform allows …

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5 ways to get more donations online for your NGO


   For many NGOs, donations are the only income they have to carry out their projects. For others, donations are a part of the variety of income with which they are sustained. Regardless of which side of the scale we are in, donation help adds to the sustaining of the organization’s mission and allows them …

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