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5 Donation tracking and management software/Tools for non-profit

by Abbey

This is the collections of the best donation tracking software and tools with the best donation management feature. We have managed to select list of tools that is best for non-profit organization, It will allow them perform some main functions like: Reporting, data overview,templates, sending and deleting emails and so much more.

List of Donation tracking tools and management software:

1. AbleOrganizer ( For website using Drupal):

When we talking about one of the best donation management tool, AbleOrganizer will be a possible solution. It is built on Drupal, using CRM Core and CRM Core Donation.The system has strong content management tools and can be directly integrated into your site. It has strong reporting tools, including overview reports, source reports, online donation reports, LYBUNT, SYBUNT and a whole list of other things that you might need.

It also has functions for events, petitions, volunteer activities and APIs to develop your own functions.You can download a copy from Drupal.org at https://drupal.org/project/ableorganizer . You can also download only the modules contained in the distribution to use them as part of your sites, there is nothing special about this tool that will force you to use this distribution. All functions are functions that can be turned on and off on each site. Check out the official AbleOrganizer website to get started HERE

2. CiviCRM:

CiviCRM is a powerful, web-based contact relationship management (CRM) system. It allows an organisation to record and manage information about the various people and organizations it interacts with. CiviCRM is more than just an address book, it also allows you to track your interactions with people and organizations, engage with constituents, and solicit donations through your website. The information you gather is all stored in one place but you can access it from almost anywhere.

CiviCRM focuses on the needs of non-profits. It emphasizes communicating with individuals, community engagement, activism, outreach, managing contributions, and managing memberships. A great option. Here are some features related to your non-profits Organizations:

  • Many languages ​​are available
  • Track donors and donations
  • Accepts donations directly online
  • Extensive reporting
  • Integrated workflow for donation through processing
  • And so much more……

Check out the official CiviCRM website to get started HERE

3. Cooperstock Donations Software (For Windows):

Cooperstock Software’s DONATION program is an easy-to-use, affordable, and powerful solution best suited to small and mid-sized organizations. Intended primarily for record-keeping of donors and donations, issuing receipts, reporting, and mail-merge, DONATION is not a fundraising system. (If that’s your requirement you might want a more full-featured and customizable fundraising program – that’s also more expensive!) Over 7,000 registered users in churches and charities in the U.S., Canada and around the world make DONATION their program of choice.

Cooperstock Software’s DONATION program for Windows helps you:

  • Track donations
  • Manage donors
  • Issue charitable receipts (including official U.S. and CRA-compatible Canadian charitable donation receipts)
  • Track church contributions, giving, offerings or tithing
  • Send mail-merge correspondence

Check out the official Cooperstock  website to get started HERE

4. Donor Tools Donation Management:

All non-profits run into donation tracking issues at some point. Massive spreadsheets, inconsistent data entry, volunteers that move on shortly after training.
Donor Tools solves these problems. You’ll flip when you see how simple it is to use while remaining remarkably effective. It’s the next step for your non-profit .
Check out the official Donortools website to get started HERE

5. Givelify :

Givelify’s free web-based donation management software enables you to track every donation to the penny, by donor or fundraising campaign. It also provides rich and sophisticated insights into giving patterns.
The Givelify Donation Management Dashboard provides your organization with all the powerful tools you need to make fundraising a success.
Check out the official Givelify website to get started HERE

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