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5 Fundraising goal widget for WordPress and blogger

by Abbey

A fundraising thermometers and goal widgets are a great motivator as well as an awesome way to track the progress of your fundraiser. This will make supporters and volunteers to see the difference they are making to achieve their fundraising goals. There is nothing wrong with raising funds for causes that you are passionate about, so don’t be shy about it. Plenty of people are already doing it online. As any fundraiser will tell you, getting your campaign noticed, talked about and shared is a vital step towards getting those all important donations.

So, here in our today’s post we have compiled a list of some of the amazing free blogger and WordPress fundraising widgets for your future fundraising projects. With these widgets, you can earn more money quicker for your cause and not only promote your fundraiser but also allow donors to donate right there on the spot.

1. Goal Widget | Fundraising Thermometer by brackwho

Tell your visitors about a goal and the progress you’re making. It’s really simple to use if you know how to “Copy & Paste” code.
1. Fill out the form below.d
2. Click “PREVIEW” to review your creation.
3. When you’re ready, “Copy and Paste” the code below into your page.
4. Watch the magic happen on your site.
5. Show your love or outright hate for this widget by leaving a comment below or sharing this page on Facebook.
Click HERE to get started

2. Donor and Fundraising Goal Widgets by runsignup

Runsignup fundraising widget allows you to put a goal wheel and scrolling list of donors on your website. It can be placed anywhere with a simple line of code, by going to Promotion -> Widget page and create a widget. Simple copy and paste the code into your website and it works! if you are using blogger just paste code you generate in your html sidebar anywhere you like.
Check out the official runsignup website to get started HERE

3.  Free Fundraising Thermometer & Fundraiser Tool by JustFundraising

Our fundraising widget is free of charge so groups of any size can use it. We also offer our fundraising thermometer in 4 distinct colors so you can choose the one that best fits the design of your website!All you need to do is place the code we provide into an appropriate area of your website. This code is available when you click Create your thermometer. Updating the progress of your fundraiser is also just a click away. When it’s time to update just click on the thermometer, input your password then make your changes. It’s that simple! You can make as many updates as you want.
Check out the official JustFundraising website to get started HERE

4. GoGetFunding Fundraising Thermometer Widget

With GoGetFunding, when you create your own personal fundraising page we offer the ability to embed a personalized fundraising thermometer widget on your website, blog or Facebook page. Widgets provide a truly interactive and dynamic feature that updates every time you receive a donation. This can create a great buzz on social media pages and has a number of other benefits particularly if you are a blogger or website owner.
Check out the GoGetFunding website to get started HERE

5. Basic Funding Tracker for wordpress by Nick Halsey 

Basic Funding Tracker is a is open source simple widget that lets you display the progress toward a fundraising goal on your site. It provides a basic design & layout that is easy to customize with CSS if you’re looking for a particular look or want to integrate it with your theme. You just enter the goal and the current amount, then the widget takes care of everything else, including a display of the amount remaining to be raised. Feel free to fork the plugin if you’d like to make adjustments to make it fit your related or unrelated needs.
Check it out Here

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