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5 ways to get more donations online for your NGO

by Abbey

   For many NGOs, donations are the only income they have to carry out their projects. For others, donations are a part of the variety of income with which they are sustained. Regardless of which side of the scale we are in, donation help adds to the sustaining of the organization’s mission and allows them to maintain contact with people and companies with special interest in our mission.

This are the 5 Simple but important points for your organizations to consider in other to increase online donations:

1. Encourage your donors to follow you on your social networks:
Networks are considered a key element when it comes to building loyalty to your closest audience. If you do not invite your donors to continue your work, you lose a valuable opportunity to continue to see your work closely and feel related to it often.

2. Monthly donations on your web page:
Not all organizations offer the possibility to their donors to donate constantly, thus losing key donations. Make sure you give the option on the donations page of your organization so that they can donate a specific amount per month.

3. Pages for mobile:
Between 70 and 89% of the population enters the Internet through their mobile phones, according to several studies that have been conducted in different parts of the world. Portal reason is essential that we offer mobile friendly pages. The good news is that pages with free options like Wix.com or wordpress, allow you to choose formats that you can easily use in both formats (computer and mobile), making sure that users can interact with your content no matter where they enter from. Keep this process in mind when creating your website and especially your donations page.

4. Donate button in your social networks:
Applications like Facebook allow you to add a page that you want to highlight, it can be your main page, services, some specific form, etc. Take advantage of this space to promote your donations page when you deem it necessary, either permanently, every so often or when you are executing fundraising campaigns.

5. Security and transparency:
If as a user you use a page which provides security when making a transaction, the chances of such a transaction been successful is higher than web pages that are not secured. NGO should Add a message which specifies how the user’s data and bank card are safe. Likewise, it should shows in comparative numbers how your donation will be used, for example: $ 50 pesos is equivalent to a kit of notebooks, etc.


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