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6 things to consider before accepting a volunteer opportunity.

by Abbey

   Every day we receive the right people who are looking for opportunities to volunteer, but is there any reason why, at certain times, it would be better to reconsider this decision? These are 6 reasons people should consider before going on a volunteering mission.

1. If you really do not have the time, do not commit: 
when someone says they are going to do something and then do not show up for lack of time, they alter the work of other colleagues as well as the work to be done or what the beneficiaries will end up receiving. Think that your word, or lack of it, affects others.

2. If the work is not for you, look for something that you feel is related to your interests: Somebody said about ‘Help in what you like so that you like to help’ . If the work you are going to do is necessary, but it does not fit with you, let someone who is prepared do it. For example, do not commit to something that requires physical work, if you do not think you’re fit. Or doing things with children, if children are not your thing. Better little with high commitment, than doing something that does not motivate you. The beneficiary will also pay for your lack of true motivation.

3. There are certain moments of our life, in which although we want we may not be mentally prepared .  For example, after the loss of someone close to us, when we are about to move, if our health is not right … Perhaps these are the moments in which instead of helping, we need to accept that maybe we need help and not add our personal burden to others.

4. That your friend does volunteering is not enough reason for you to do it too. Volunteer because you really connect with the vision and mission of the organization and avoid disappointment because it is not something that really interests you. You will also avoid that the organization has to start a search process again if you finally decide to leave it.

5. If you feel that what is requested is excessive and borders on what should be a paid job , do not stop saying it. You will avoid burning yourself and maybe this will continue to happen with later volunteers.

6. Do not put yourself at risk , or eventually you will not end up helping anyone. Trust your instincts. If you do not feel comfortable or for some reason (say, arriving alone in an area of ​​the city that you do not know when the afternoon falls), talk to the organization to see if they have any protocol or Suggestion to avoid possible consequences. It’s better to prevent than to cure. If they do not offer you options and you are not convinced, perhaps you should reconsider whether or not to commit to the cause.


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