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Mining Time app Review (How it works, How to earn, Payment, FAQ and Personal opinion)

by Abbey


Mining Time is a free application for Android devices that offers the possibility of getting money through PayPal and gift cards by performing simple actions within the app. Its operation is really simple, if you don’t believe me I encourage you to keep reading.

The application is in the early access phase, even so, it has half a million downloads on Google Play. That Mining Time is in the early access phase simply means that the application is still in development, and needs users to test it so that they can report bugs and errors or submit suggestions to improve it.

In this article, I will explain how this app works, despite being very simple. I will also show you all the possible ways to earn money and currency in Mining Time so that you can get the most out of it. Do you dare to continue reading?

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How to download Mining Time app for Android and Free 600 coins Code

Download the Mining Time application directly from Google Play, or if you prefer, click here to access the download directly. The app already has more than 500,000 downloads despite being an early version. It is not necessary to register for an account, simply by accessing from your mobile device, the account will be created and will be linked to that device automatically.

By entering the code 2XQL8NJ you will receive +600 coins instantly in your balance. To redeem this code (and have access to yours to invite your friends) you must click on the share icon and enter it where it says ‘ Input referral code to get 600 coins ‘. I leave you a screenshot below.

In this same section you will find your invitation code and link so that you can get extra coins by inviting other people to try Mining Time APP. I will talk in more depth and detail about the invitation system later.

How does Mining Time APP work?

How Mining Time APP work is very simple, you will need to keep mining a gold mine that you will find right in the middle of the main screen. Simply click on them as many times as necessary to fill the progress bar that is just above.

Every time the progress bar completes you will receive money or coins, one of two rewards. In order to claim it, you will need to watch an advertising video for a few seconds and finally click on the ‘COLLECT’ button to claim and receive the reward.

The PayPal balance and the currencies will accumulate in different balances. In order to claim and withdraw the PayPal money that you are getting, you will need to collect a minimum of $ 100. As for the coins, you can exchange them for money for PayPal, Amazon checks, and other gift cards from $ 5.00 (equivalent to 249,000 coins).

Other ways to get coins:

In addition to constantly mining the gold mine, there are 3 more options to generate more coins in Mining Time. Below I explain each of them:

Task menu: from the main menu, at the bottom you will see a message ‘Game Task Menu’, click on it to display the available tasks. You will find free chests daily, chests (up to 5 each day) for each video you watch, special tasks, and direct access to the two sections that I will explain just below.

Games: from the main screen, on the left side, if you click on the icon of a controller you will access the games section. You will find several games available from the beginning, you will also see many others that you can unlock simply by watching an advertisement.
All games are free, but every time you take an action, roll, or run out of life, you will have to watch videos of advertisers to continue playing. As a user, it can be somewhat annoying, but you have to understand that it is the form of monetization that the application has.

Referrals: The best way to increase your coins in Mining Time. For every friend who downloads the app using your link and / or code, you will receive 1,600 coins, it’s that easy! If you want to be able to reach the minimum number of coins to request a payment as quickly as possible, give it a go and promote Mining Time on your social networks, websites, blogs, or even among your friends and family.

How to Redeem coins for money and prizes in Mining Time:

By clicking on the icon that appears on the right in the form of a ticket, you will access the awards section. Once inside, you simply have to select your country in the drop-down menu called ‘NATION’ so that only the prizes available for your country are displayed.

For example:

  • PayPal from €5 for 249,000 coins.
  • Amazon Spain from €5 for 249,000 coins.
  • Google Play from €15 for 2,148,000 coins.

If you reside in a Latin American country, you must filter the awards by NATION: UNITED STATES.

Once you have the required coins, you simply have to select the prize. Then they will ask you to enter your PayPal Email where you want to receive the money, or in the case of Amazon checks and Google Play gift cards, they will ask you for a valid email address to which they will send the code / PIN to redeem your reward.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

For which device is Mining Time APP available?

Mining Time is only available for devices with Android operating system. You can find the application yourself on Google Play.

Can I use Mining Time APP in my country?

Yes. Mining Time is an application available to users from anywhere in the world.

Can I have more than one account in Mining Time?

Mining Time only allows one account per device. If you have more mobiles or cell phones per home, you can install it in each of them.

What prizes can I get?

you can exchange the coins for PayPal balance, Amazon gift voucher and cards with balance for Google Play. Depending on your country of residence these awards may vary.

My account was blocked. What should I do?

Do not use VPN, do not modify the files of the app, do not use virtual phone numbers. These are some of the actions that can cause your account to be blocked.

Personal Opinion on the Mining Time app

One more free application that offers the possibility of getting PayPal money, Amazon gift vouchers, and Google Play cards for free. It is true as in all apps of this type, the earnings are very low, and even more so if you do not work and dedicate time to the invitation system.

Mining Time is enjoying great popularity, especially among users in Latin America. The app already has more than 500 thousand downloads on Google Play despite being still in the early access phase.

If you have tried it, I would like you to leave a comment where you tell your opinion and experience with this app. I really hope it works well and lasts a long time so that we can get enough out of it and try to redeem as many prizes as possible.

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