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RebotNow Review: (How it works, How to earn, Payment, FAQ and Personal opinion)

by Abbey


Rebotnow is a new business system created this year (2020) designed to help and facilitate the possibility of making money working from home for anyone. Without any risk, since you will be acquiring real products and services. But in addition, you can earn 100% commissions for each sale made to other users of the Rebotnow product and service.

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By purchasing the basic package ($ 50) you will have access to the product, training, and complete tools forever. Without any hidden or additional expense. And the best of all is that in Rebotnow you have control of your money, the sales commissions you get will be received directly into your account.

What business system does Rebotnow offer?

By joining Rebotnow by purchasing one of the available packages, you will have forever access to the following tools and services:

  • Training

More than 200 courses related to digital marketing, sales, affiliation, sales funnels and much more.

  • Business idea

100% business system ready to start promoting from the first minute.

  • Necessary tools

Package of tools that will facilitate your work as a franchisee. You will have at your disposal a virtual office, a landing page creator, a chatbox to answer questions and a section for counting sales and potential customers.

  • Control of your money

Automated sales system where only you will have control of the money you generate.

  • Need help?

24-hour customer support and access to the exclusive Rebotnow entrepreneur community.

Rebotnow uses the Edgerank method, a system, and an algorithm used by the popular Facebook social network. This popular method consists of 4 essential steps:

  • Attraction: at this stage, we will receive visitors and people interested in the business. You will begin to create a contact base by applying marketing tools and strategies.
  • Conversion: using the resources that the Rebotnow platform offers, we will provide potential clients with valuable training and the possibility of generating passive income from home.
  • Acquisition: it is the phase where people make the decision and become your customer by acquiring one of the Rebotnow packages. From now on, your main mission is to correctly guide, teach, and solve all possible doubts of your client.
  • Loyalty: using different techniques, it is time to establish a lasting relationship with all your contacts. In this way in the future, you will never be short of customers.

How much money can I earn with Rebotnow?

The sales commissions that you will get will depend directly on the active package in your account. I explain below:

Create your RebotNow account and start earning!

  • If you have a FOUNDER package active, you can only receive commissions for the acquisition of other FOUNDER packages. That is, the maximum commission you will receive will be $ 50 per sale.
  • If you have the ENTERPRISE package active, you will receive commissions for the sale of FOUNDER packages ($ 50) and ENTERPRISE packages ($ 100).
  • If you have an active NINJA package, you will receive commissions for the sale of FOUNDER ($ 50), ENTERPRISE ($ 100), and NINJA ($ 200) packages.
  • If you have the latest ULTIMATE package, you will receive commissions for the sale of any of the packages available on Rebotnow.

In short, you can receive commissions on packages equal to or lower than the one you have active as a Rebotnow ambassador. If you have a low package and want to upgrade to a larger one, you can do it without any problem, although it will be somewhat more expensive than directly purchasing a larger package from the start.

Payment methods available on Rebotnow

As for the methods to collect your profits from possible sales, you will be the one who chooses which payment methods to activate and allow. I remind you that the money will be received directly into your account without any kind of intermediaries.

  • PayPal.
  • Bitcoin
  • MoneyGram.
  • Western Union.
  • Credit / debit cards.

You can also activate the manual payments option to receive payments of all kinds. Bank transfers, check payments, payment through other electronic payment processors, other cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin, etc. As it is a manual method, it is only necessary to agree with the potential client the method to use.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Is it necessary to buy a package to promote?

Yes, to start promoting Rebotnow as a franchisee, you must purchase at least the basic Founder package.

Is it possible to request a refund for the purchased package?

You will not be able to request a refund, since when dealing with digital products and services, it is understood that the client was able to enter and enjoy said digital content.

Can I promote Rebotnow in my country?

Yes. Rebotnow is a platform open to users from anywhere in the world.

Will I receive commissions forever?

That’s right, purchasing a Rebotnow package entitles you to receive commissions for life on all sales made. No need for renewals or additional purchases.

How will I receive the money from my sales?

The money for each sale made will be received directly, automatically, and without intermediaries, in the payment methods, you have configured in Rebotnow.

Personal Opinions on Rebotnow, is it worth it?

Rebotnow offers a pretty good business opportunity from my point of view. Assuming that it is not a pyramid or Ponzi system, in Rebotnow you will offer your potential clients a real product of great value, in which they will also have the possibility of becoming a franchisee and thus get 100% commissions for each sale.

The investment is unique, that is, you will not pay monthly or annual memberships of any kind. There are also no hidden costs or additional charges. In addition, you can recover your investment just by getting the first sale, everything else will be beneficial for you.

Choose which package best suits your profit projection. Train and learn as much as possible through the educational products and services offered by Rebotnow. Finally, it only remains to apply everything you have learned as a franchisee to start making money. What do you think about the idea? I read you in the comments.

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