Home Earn Money Bitrefill Review: Buying gift cards using cryptocurrencies (How it works, How to earn, Payment, FAQ and Personal opinion)

Bitrefill Review: Buying gift cards using cryptocurrencies (How it works, How to earn, Payment, FAQ and Personal opinion)

by Abbey
Bitrefill Review: Buying gift cards using cryptocurrencies
Bitrefill Review: Buying gift cards using cryptocurrencies


With Bitrefill you can buy gift cards using your cryptocurrencies. You can also use your cryptocurrencies to recharge your cellphone balance and buy airtime/recharge cards.

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What does Bitrefill offer and how does it work?

Bitrefill is a platform that offers a wide catalog of gift cards, credit recharges, and mobile data that you can acquire by paying with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. This service is available to users from anywhere in the world.

By creating the account through my invitation (by pressing the blue-button above) or by indicating the referral code JL9Q0DTx in the registration process, you will receive a $ 5 bonus when you make purchases with a total value of $ 50 or more in Bitrefill.

All orders placed at Bitrefill are delivered immediately as soon as the payment is made and the blockchain network confirms the operation. For greater speed, Bitrefill allows payments on Bitcoin using the Lightning Network, a protocol that allows instant transactions with very low rates.

Gift Cards available to buy with cryptocurrencies?

Bitrefill offers a wide range of gift card options to purchase. The cards that you will find available depend on your country of residence.

  • Amazon
  • Hypercor.
  • Ikea.
  • MediaMarkt.
  • Zalando.
  • Primark.
  • Mango.
  • Adidas.
  • Nike.
  • App Store & iTunes.
  • Decathlon.
  • And many more…

As you can see from the list above, there are stores of all kinds and very well known. Leisure, fashion, food, travel, electronics, and much more. In addition, Bitrefill is periodically incorporating new stores to its catalog. If you are from another country, don’t worry, you just have to filter and choose your country so that the cards available there are shown.

What mobile operators are available to recharge?

As for mobile operators to recharge your mobile or cell phone using your cryptocurrencies, there is also a wide variety available.

  • T-mobile
  • Orange
  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • Mtn
  • Airtel
  • Glo
  • Vodafone
  • Movistar
  • And many more…

To see the operators available in your country, simply click on the menu and select the one for your country.

What cryptocurrencies does Bitrefill support?

At this time Bitrefill allows payment with the following cryptocurrencies.

  • Bitcoin (BTC).
  • Ethereum (ETH).
  • Litecoin (LTC).
  • Dash (DASH).
  • Dogecoin (DOGE).

You will also find the Coinbase option so you can pay instantly using your account balance. It is possible that over time they will add some more crypto-currency. Although I will always update this post regularly, if you see that they have incorporated some new crypto and it is not reflected here, leave me a comment and I will add it at once.

How to place and pay an order on Bitrefill?

If you are used to sending and receiving crypto-currencies, the purchase process at Bitrefill is also the same. Anyway, next I will explain step by step how to do it and I will also highlight some important aspects that you should take into account when sending crypto monies to avoid headaches.

As the price of cryptocurrencies is so volatile, in the purchase process you will have 15 minutes, before the price is updated, to complete the order. Therefore, I personally recommend that you previously add funds to your Bitrefill account to later pay for your purchases instantly with this balance.
To add balance (only Bitcoin) to your Bitrefill account follow the following steps:

1. Click on the email address and access your Bitrefill account (My Account).
2. From here you can see your balance in rewards, Bitcoin, Euros or Dollars. You will see a green button with the text ‘Add Funds’. Click on it.
3. A QR code will be generated with your address and the alphanumeric address to which to send the bitcoins. You can also pay directly with Coinbase by clicking on “Open in your Wallet”.

Bitrefill does not charge any type of commission, nor does it apply any deposit fee, but you must bear in mind that in addition to the blockchain network’s own fee, if you use an exchange or external wallet, they may charge you additional withdrawal fees. I recommend that you use wallets with a private key to store your own cryptocurrencies and thus only pay the network fees.

4. Once you receive the bitcoins to your Bitrefill balance, you can use them to buy gift cards or recharge instantly
On the other hand, if you want to pay directly for your purchase without previously adding a balance or prefer to pay using other available cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, or Dash.

The process would be similar but you must take into account several aspects. I explain below:

1. Search and select the product to buy. Select the quantity, the currency, and add to the cart.

2. Check that the order is correct and select the payment method.

3. An address will be generated to which you must send the payment and a QR in case it is more convenient for you to scan and pay from your wallet. You can also pay directly and automatically with Coinbase by clicking on the ‘Open in your Wallet’ button.

4. You will have 15 minutes to send the payment and for it to be detected. The price of cryptocurrencies is very volatile, and Bitrefill will be able to lock in the exchange rate for just 15 minutes. If this time passes, don’t worry, refresh the page and a new payment window will be generated at the updated market price, which may lead to a partial payment.

Payment not Complete (Partial payment), what to do?

A partial payment simply means that Bitrefill has not received the full amount of money required for the purchase made. These partial payments can be given for different reasons, although the most common are the following:

You have sent the payment through some exchange or third party platform. Often these exchanges and platforms may charge an additional withdrawal fee that will be automatically deducted from the amount sent.

You have issued the payment without regard to the network fee, therefore the payment will arrive at Bitrefill incomplete and you must resend the difference.

To avoid this type of partial payment, I give you some tips that will help you avoid them:

1. Add balance in bitcoins to your Bitrefill account previously and thus you will pay for your purchases instantly.

2. Use wallets with private keys where you keep your own cryptocurrencies. This way you will avoid additional fees.

3. When sending cryptocurrencies, take into account the network fee. Remember that Bitrefill must receive the full amount.

How to Invite your friends and earn balance in Bitrefill

By inviting other people to Bitrefill you can earn money.  Specifically,  you will earn $ 5 in bitcoins when the invited person spends $ 50 or more.

Initially, the invitation system will be blocked. To unlock it and have access to your invitation link, you must first make a purchase of $50 or more. Once you complete a purchase with this value or more, automatically in your account, you will see a new ‘ Referrals ‘ menu.

In this menu, you will find a unique link with which you can invite other people to Bitrefill. You will also have the possibility to invite your friends by sending an email directly with the invitation and you can also directly share your invitation on Twitter and Facebook.

Finally, at the bottom where it says ” Invited friends “, there will be showing all the people who create an account in Bitrefill through your link or invitation. In this way, you will be able to track the people you have invited and which of them have made at least one purchase of $ 50 or more on the platform.

You Get 1% in Bitcoin for every purchase on Bitrefill

In addition to the referral system, in Bitrefill you can continue to earn bitcoins for free thanks to its cashback system (or purchase refund).
For each gift card purchase or phone recharge, you will receive 1% reward in satoshis on the total value of the purchase made. Virtually all purchases have this reward, however, make sure that the ‘1% Reward’ emblem appears in yellow when you are about to make a purchase in Bitrefill.

These satoshis that you will receive as a reward, will be assigned to your Bitrefill balance automatically and instantly when you complete any purchase. This balance that you accumulate can be used for future purchases in Bitrefill.

Is Bitrefill safe and reliable?

Bitrefill is owned by the Swedish company AIRFILL PREPAID AB , with registration number 559001-6035 and address at c / o SUP46 Regeringsgatan 65 SE-111 56, Stockholm.
As you can read, behind the Bitrefill platform there is a totally legitimate company, specialized in the sale of prepaid cards.

On the other hand, if you have any problem with your Bitrefill account or with any order, the customer service is great. Send an email to the support email support@bitrefill.com and in less than 24 hours you will have an answer.

Another very positive point of this platform is its refund policy. If an order has not been delivered for any reason or error, don’t worry, send an email with the order ID, email address, or the phone number you are recharging and Bitrefill will refund the total cryptocurrencies paid as soon as possible. as the possible incidence is investigated and resolved.

Personal Opinions about Bitrefill

A very practical, simple, and fast way to use your cryptocurrencies. No doubt Bitrefill is the best place if you’re looking to get out and spend your cryptocurrencies for products or services. Gift cards for dozens of stores, prepaid phone recharges, Internet, and data recharges. All this instantly, without commissions, and paying with cryptocurrencies anonymously.

As if all this were not enough, Bitrefill will also allow you to earn free bitcoins. This is possible thanks to its invitation system with which you can earn $ 5 in satoshis for each guest who makes a purchase of $ 50 or more, and the cashback system with which you will receive 1% in satoshis of all your purchases.

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