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by Abbey


OGTask is a scam do not Register or Work with them!! They claim you can earn up to MAKE $100 DAILY on their influencer network platform, but that is a lie.

As you already know, OGTask is a platform that allows you to earn a lot of money doing tasks, offers, and recommending friends. Also for just entering and creating your account they give you $ 25. So far so good, too good every day, but of course, a page as good as this … Can you really make money as they say, is it reliable and it pays, or is it just another scam?

Below you will discover the truth about how OGTask really works and all the similar sites that are available on the net.

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How OGTask works

The operation of OGTask is very simple but very lucrative, not for you, but for the creator of the website. The objective of OGTask is to obtain personal benefit at the expense of people like you or me who seek to earn money online. This scam method is being used more and more frequently.

The scam works in the following way; The user signs up for OGTask believing that they will earn hundreds of dollars a day by making simple offers. In fact, for every offer made, you supposedly earn $ 30. To that we must add the $ 10 that is earned per guest, $ 2 when they click on your referral link and $ 50 for making a post or video promoting OGTask and publishing it on the social network that they indicate.

Does OGTTask pay or is it a scam?

OGTTask does not pay. The payment vouchers that are seen on the portal are obviously fake. To tell the truth, there is nothing that is true, everything is fake, scam, scam. They lie about everything in order to earn money. If you find proof of payment on YouTube or another social network, it all a gimmick.

It is a well-done scam to attract users, the more the merrier. If you realize it, the $25, the $10 per referral, $30 per task and the $50 they “pay” to promote does not make sense. In the perfect hook so that without realizing it you fall into their networks.

Unfortunately, OGTask is not the only scam page you will find. In fact, in the last few weeks, I have talked about 5 identical scams. They all use the same script and follow the same deception pattern.

OGTTask Reviews 2020 and Conclusion

Well, I don’t know how we can stop this wave of scam websites. I remember that the first one I came across was EarnBucks, and when I investigated it and noticed the scam I decided to write an article about it on this blog. After a week, I was very surprised when I discovered there are so many other sites like EarnBucks. I have no doubt that the administrators are the same in all fake paying sites I have reviewed.

Anyway, you have to look at the positive side of everything; Now you know what they have not tell you about OGTask and if that wasn’t enough, you have learned to know this network of scams. Your time is money and you should not waste it on miracle pages to earn money, since that method does not exist. To earn money on the internet you need discipline and be constant in your daily work. Patience is a great virtue. If you are looking to earn fast money, I’m sorry to tell you that the internet is NOT the place for you

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