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by Abbey


BetFury.io is a legit decentralized I-Gaming platform launched in 2019 and developed using the TRON (TRX) ecosystem and blockchain. By using blockchain technology, a totally transparent and totally fair gaming experience is guaranteed.

In the current year (2020) BetFury launches its version 2.0 with hundreds of improvements and new functionalities. The entire development team continues to work to make BetFury the best online gaming platform with cryptocurrencies. Important digital media in the sector such as DApps.Buzz, TokenPocket, BestBitcoinCasino, and Crypto News already talk about BetFury.

If you want to know more about this platform and you have come this far looking for more information, pay attention, and stay reading until the end. I’m sure what I’m going to tell you will interest you a lot!

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Does Betfury pay or is it a scam?



Not at all, Betfury pays and processes all payments almost instantly. Also, for free users who do not want to invest the minimum to withdraw their BTC is really low, only 5,000 satoshi.

You just have to click on Withdraw, select the crypto you want to withdraw, choose the slow or fast option, and finally indicate the amount to withdraw and enter the destination wallet.

I recommend the slow option for making withdrawals as it charges only 2,500 satoshis for the transaction. On the other hand, if you choose “fast” they take away nothing more and nothing less than 25,000 satoshis.

Betfury Payment Proof and Screenshot:



In my transaction history and in above screenshot you can perfectly see the withdrawals I have made in Tron and in BTT. If you are reading this it means that Betfury continues to pay without any problem. This project is very well supported, so in principle there is nothing to fear.

How to create a free BetFury Account

If you don’t have a BetFury account yet, I encourage you to create one right now by clicking on the button that you will find right below. You should know that account creation is a very simple process, 100% free and available to any user in the world, there is no type of geographical or country restriction.

You can easily create an account, by entering an Email and a password, or if you prefer you can also Register by linking your Google account or a TRON (TRX) wallet such as TronWallet or Tronlink.

Once you complete the simple registration process you will receive an email with a 6-digit PIN code that you must enter to activate your BetFury account. You can also click on the ‘Confirm’ button that you will find in this Email to set up and activate your account directly.

How does BetFury work?

BetFury is a Crypto i-Gaming social platform in which users can enjoy the best entertainment with the best advantages and benefits of the online gaming sector. All this with a simple access system, an intuitive and well-developed interface, and 24/7 support.
Initially, BetFury is presented as a platform where you can play and win cryptocurrencies by betting on more than a thousand different online games of all kinds. By clicking on ‘All Games’ you will have access to hundreds of fun games.

Online Games can create addictive habits; play responsibly and for fun.

Many more options to win at BetFury

As I said in the introduction, BetFury is much more than a cryptocurrency and betting platform. Next, I will proceed to list and explain all the options and possibilities that you will have to win at BetFury.

  • BFG Staking.
  • Dividend fund with BTC, TRX, USDT, BTT.
  • Cashback of up to 25%.
  • Jackpots.
  • And much more…

Did you know that BetFury is the first platform to offer BTC dividends within the gaming industry?

Free Box BTC (Free Boxes)

As if it were a bitcoin faucet, by clicking on ‘ Box Free BTC ‘ you can earn 25 satoshis (0.00000025 BTC). Simply click on ‘WITHDRAW’, solve a simple captcha and voila, +25 satoshis that you will receive in your balance instantly.

To claim these free satoshis again, you must wait for the green bar to recharge (it takes about 15-20 minutes). You can do this process up to a maximum of 1,800 satoshis per day.

BetFury Investment funds

Another way to make a profit on BetFury would be to buy investment funds. These types of boxes have an initial cost and a fixed return established for a certain period of time.

The boxes are offered to users on a specific and limited basis. A box that is available today may not be available tomorrow. To see what boxes you have available, click on ‘ Box Free BTC ‘, and just after the FREE BOX, where it says ‘AVAILABLE BOXES’ you will find the investment boxes available to you at that right moment.

As you can see in the previous screenshot, in my case at that time I had a ‘ GOLD BOX ‘ available. This particular box was priced at 0.007 BTC and it gave me a 7% monthly return. It was possible to purchase it for 7 days or 30 days. Also in the lower-left corner you can see the number of boxes available.

BFG Token

BetFury has two tokens that you can passively obtain simply by playing their games (In-House and Slots). Automatically, for each bet made in any of the offered games, you will receive BFG BTC / TRX token (BTC if you deposit and play using bitcoins or TRX if you do it with TRON).

Best of all, BetFury has a pool where dividends are distributed on a daily basis among all users who own these tokens. Accessing the ‘ Staking ‘ menu you can view those pools and your dividends which you can withdraw whenever you want and instantly.

If you are a regular player at games of chance, without a doubt these dividends offered by BetFury is a great incentive to opt for this platform to play and bet. You will start receiving daily dividends as soon as you have at least 10 BFG tokens.

If you search online and on YouTube, you will find many magical strategies to get tokens without losing. I’m sorry to tell you that everything is a lie, since you are always going to have some losses, after all it is random.

A good strategy is to play a DICE dice game with a 95% chance or higher setting and let it run automatically. You will automatically bet and although the winnings will be minimal, since by setting a 95% chance, the winnings are very low, but at the end of the day you will be betting and thereby winning BFG tokens. Despite having a 95% or more chance of winning, it is very likely that you will ever lose, keep that in mind. The question is to find a balance between profits, possible losses, and the amount of BFG tokens that you will acquire in this way.

Betfury Cashback

The most generous Cashback or refund in the industry. BetFury will return you a fixed percentage of your losses in the different games available. This percentage will vary between 2% and 25% cashback depending on your level (rank) on the platform. Here is an image with different levels and cashback.

To rank up you simply have to play and bet on the different games available at BetFury. Entering ‘Cashback »My Cashback’ and clicking on ‘ View all ranks ‘ you will see the requirements to climb the rank.


And you could not miss an invitation system in BetFury with which to invite as many people as you want and earn commissions.

  • 15% of all bets won (win) in the so-called IN-HOUSE GAMES.
  • 1.5% of all bets won (win) on SLOTS and TABLE GAMES.
  • 5% of all the BFG token mining that your referrals get in the IN-HOUSE GAMES games.
  • 20% of all withdrawals that your referrals make in the Free Box.
  • 15% of all investment fund purchases that your referrals carry out.

You will find your invitation link as well as promotional material in the ‘ Referral ‘ menu. You will also have access to a detailed history of all the referrals they get and the total earnings from commissions.

Personal Opinions about BetFury

There is currently no platform in the industry that offers what BetFury offers. All this within a decentralized environment based on blockchain, which guarantees total transparency and security in all transactions.
If you’ve read the article and got to this point, you have three fairly clear options when using BetFury and they are the following:

1. Use BetFury to earn free bitcoins every 20 minutes as if it were a faucet.
2. Buy boxes and receive a daily return (ROI) or
3. Deposit and play the different games directly to start mining BFG tokens.

Despite having the interface only in English, it is quite intuitive and simple to understand, I don’t think the language is a big problem for you. Anyway, any question or doubt, you can leave a comment or contact me directly.

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GP January 7, 2021 - 9:59 pm

am sorry but this is an unlicensed site that actually doesn’t pay. Lots of us have been scammed and way too many positive reviews are written by those who make money with referrals. Betfury is a scam unlicensed site that prays on kids and vulnerable players.

Daniel January 18, 2021 - 11:17 am

Is that true GP? Damn I just deposited money on the site yesterday with longterm plans in staking, the site looks very slick and userfriendly, do you have proofs or links? you can email me at m3pfisto@hotmail.com

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