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Gramfree Legit or Scam? Honest review and personal opinion

by Abbey

is Gramfree Legit or Scam? here are my Honest review and personal opinion. I am going to tell you quickly what is happening with the Gramfree.net, Gramfree.world, or Gramfree.online portal. I will not elaborate much. I think that a few lines will suffice, although I don’t know if I can since I’m usually used to writhing longer articles, but hey, I’ll try not to wrap myself up too much, hehe, to the point.

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What is Gramfree?

Gramfree is an online portal created so that users can earn Gram cryptocurrency for free by doing simple tasks and inviting friends. Gram is a token developed by Telegram, so this makes it a super attractive and powerful project for any user, whether or not they have experience in the subject. The main question everyone is asking is if Gramfree is Legit and reliable? Do they pay or is it another Scam?

Is Gramfree Legit or Scam?

Gramfree is a Scam!! do not waste your time working or investing your money with them. What did you expect? If you really think or believe that Gramfree.net, Gramfree.world or Gramfree.online is going to pay you, I’m sorry to say no. I wish I could tell you otherwise but it is not the case. The truth is that Gramfree has nothing to do with Telegram.

The creators of the aforementioned portals are only looking to profit from the offers and tasks that we users do. You can also clearly see that they display Google Adsense advertisements on their website that is not a good sign. Serious earning businesses that truly pay and are reliable will never or rarely use Adsense ads.

And to uncover the scam, check out the answer and what Telegram has to say on their social network:

No one can buy or sell GRAM yet

In contrast, the TON blockchain that Grams will operate on is still in a beta testing phase and you can access the beta testing website at https://test.ton.org/download.html. Only once the TON Blockchain is launched will Grams be created and available for purchase.

TLDR: Grams don’t exist yet, no one can buy or sell them before announcing the launch of TON Blockchain. Do not be fooled.
Grams won’t help you get rich

The grams DO NOT represent:
Any equity interest or other participation in Telegram or its affiliates
Any right to dividends or other distribution rights of Telegram or its affiliates.
Any governmental right over Telegram or its affiliates.

TLDR: If you buy grams at some point in the future, this does not mean that you “own a piece of Telegram.” The Grams do not grant their holders any special rights, in the same way that owning Euros does not grant them shares in the European Union.

When deciding whether to buy Grams, you should be fully aware of the risk that Grams may decline in value over time or even lose all of its monetary value. There are several risks associated with buying cryptocurrencies like Grams, including volatility in the cryptocurrency markets, the possibility of increasing regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges, and other risks.
TLDR: Dealing with cryptocurrency is risky, and can actually make you poorer due to a number of external factors.

Updated June 20, 2020

In May 2020 Telegram said in a statement that they were not going to continue with the GRAM project. In fact, it no longer exists, so I don’t understand why people keep recommending this garbage page.

After these months I keep seeing people wasting their time and making other people lose it. Regrettable!

Gramfree Opinions and personal Review

It is incredible how many fraudulent sites I see every day, and each time with more impudence as is the case of Gramfree. As you have seen, the scam is clear and obvious. No doubts; even If the Gram cryptocurrency from telegram is still in development, it is impossible to earn it as Gramfree promises.

In my humble opinion, I think that as long as there is no entity that regulates these types of platforms, nothing will change and they will continue to scam each time with better techniques to hide the scam.

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