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EarnBucks Review Legit or Scam? Make up to $ 10 per referral and $ 25 for just creating your account!

by Abbey

Today browsing the net I came across EarnBucks (earnbucks.co, former refer4.cash), a page that promises to earn a lot of money for doing simple tasks, such as filling out a form or taking a quick survey. It also boasts of paying up to $ 10 per referral, and if that were not enough, it gives $ 25 for just creating your account, come on, quite a bargain. But this system .. is it real, can you make real money as they claim, or is it a scam?

Wait. You will quickly discover the truth about EarnBucks and all the similar pages that are proliferating on the net.

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What is Earn Bucks and how does it work?

EarnBucks is an excellent page that allows you to waste time very effectively. If you are looking for a portal to waste time, Earn Bucks is the page you were looking for. The operation of the portal is very simple;

1- Just by logging in and registering, as I said before, you earn $ 25 instantly

2- On the main board you will see the main ways to waste time.

3- The first two, we already saw it before. You earn $ 2 when they click on your referral link and $ 10 for each one who signs up.

4- The two remaining options are “download apps” and “complete surveys”, but both take you to the same offers section where you earn $ 30 for each one you complete.

5- And finally, accumulate virtual money and request the fictitious payment.

There is no more, this is how EarnBucks.co works, no more, no less.

is EarnBucks Legit or a scam?

EarnBucks is a fake and scam Website, there is nothing real or true about it. The main scam works as follows; Every time a user completes an offer, for example requesting 1 month of Amazon Prime for free, only the earnbucks administrators earn a generous commission for it. The same happens with the rest of the offers.

If you think you are going to earn money on this page, believe me, that the only thing you will do is waste your precious time accumulating money that you will never see. And the worst is not that. In the end, you realize that it is the creators of the portal who make money at your expense, instead of you. Regrettable!

There are several platforms and websites similar to EarnBucks that I already talked about, but with what I see, they do not stop creating similar portals. The scam seems to work and is very lucrative. Some of these similar pages are sharecash, ultracash, CashRevenue, and many others.

Earnbucks reviews 2020

I do not plan to write another post on the same scam, but I see it necessary to inform and uncover the modus operandi of the scammers. As you can see, it is a scam that can be covered very well, especially when everything is well done; most of these fake sites uses a beautiful and attractive website, high-profit hook-ups, and referrals. It is just a waste of time, the more referrals you get the more money for them, instead of for you.

Anyway, the important thing is that you learn to recognize similar websites like EarnBucks. Don’t waste your time and don’t recommend it. I don’t think your family member or friend will trust you more if you recommend pages like this. Recommend pages to earn money online that are reliable. If you earn less and get pay, it much better. Money is not given away on the internet, it is a slow and difficult process to obtain. Don’t be fooled!

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