Home payment system How to link Paypal to Payoneer Transfer Money from Payoneer to Paypal and Pay 0% Fees (get a virtual community federal bank account and link your account to Stripe and other payments providers)

How to link Paypal to Payoneer Transfer Money from Payoneer to Paypal and Pay 0% Fees (get a virtual community federal bank account and link your account to Stripe and other payments providers)

by Abbey

In today post i’m going to show you a simple way that you can use to connect your paypal account to your payoneer account, in this way you can transfer your money from Payoneer to Paypal and Pay 0% Fees. This is the best solution to use your receiving account with Paypal, Stripe and other payments providers, and it works 100%

i will show you step by step what you will need to do in other to get a working virtual payoneer community federal savings bank account from any where in the world (foreigners and international residents), and link the two accounts together.



I’ve seen people here saying that you can’t link Payoneer with Paypal, well that’s true, but if you can create Community Federal Savings Bank on Payoneer then you can link it with Paypal, and transfer money from Paypal to Payoneer. People are selling this method on Fiverr, But i thought to share it with you here for free, and you can create a gig as well by offering these kinds of services:

In this article you will get answers to this questions:

  • I will help you withdraw money from PayPal.
  • I will do Payoneer payment gateway integration.
  • I will link your Payoneer bank with PayPal.
  • I will create a verified PayPal payment gateway.

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How to transfer money from payoneer to PayPal account and pay zero percent fees. (get a community federal bank account and link your Virtual bank account easily)

How to transfer money from Payoneer to Paypal and pay NO FEES with Community Federal Bank account. Step by step process:

  1. You need to Request a “Community Federal Bank” account from Payoneer’s chat support. Follow the steps below:
  2.  Log in to your Payoneer account, select help, and click Support Center.
  3. Click “Contact Us” and choose Live Chat. – You will then see a chat box and you will type-in “ADD BANK ACCOUNT” then click “Ask Question.”
  4. Then go all the way down and click “Contact Support”. You will then choose “My Payoneer Account” on the category. You will also need to choose another sub category like “Manage Currencies”,How do I manage currencies“etc. – – – You can choose whatever you want, and then hit “Submit
  5. – Finally, you will see a pop-up with a status “Searching for an available agent” with an estimated time for you to wait.
    What to say to a Payoneer Customer Service?

How to request a virtual Community Federal Savings Bank Account from payoneer through the chat support this is what to say, you can copy and paste this message below to the available agent:

“I am an eBay seller and I would like to connect my Payoneer bank account to my Paypal account. The only way to do that is with the Community Federal Account. Can you please add a Community Federal Bank account to my existing account, it will help a lot”

The agent will proceed to give you available solutions and your current available account may be closed and replaced with the new one. Usually, it will take less the a week.

How to link your New Payoneer virtual Community Federal Account to Paypal:

Once you get your bank account, open your Paypal account via USA IP for international residents or foreigners (if you are not in the United States, you can use any FREE VPN or Proxy) and link the Community Federal Bank Account to Paypal.

  • Log in to your Paypal account and you will see at the bottom an option to link a card or Bank.
  • Enter your new Virtual Community Federal Savings bank account you just received from payoneer.
  • In a couple of days, Paypal will create 2 transactions on your Payoneer account so copy the code from there to your Paypal to verify the bank on Paypal.

How to Create a virtual Community Federal Savings Bank Account from payoneer without chat support manually:

  • Go to under your receiving account in your profile and click on view details as seen in the screenshot below:


  • This will ask you if you are having trouble using your current receiving account “click on the solution guide”.


  • You will need to Select the issues you are having with your current USD receiving account out of the list of options in the payoneer solution guide, select this: “ I am unable to use my receiving account with Paypal, Stripe and other payments providers”


  • This will give you a suggested solution of replacing your existing account with the one from an issuing bank that should work with Paypal, stripe and other payments providers. Click on “Next” to continue as seen in the image below.


  • Click on the blue “Close and Replace” button to close your current receiving account and replace it with new one.


  • You should see a we received your request notification (your current account is now closed and a receiving account is on it way, and it will be issued shortly. Usually it takes less the a week).


  • Now go back to under your receiving account profile in payoneer and you should see your new virtual Community Federal Savings Bank Account.


All done.

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