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How to apply for Arsenal football Club scholarship online (Download Application form, Registration, and requirements)

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Arsenal Academy Scholarships are offered to deserving students and those that have shown promising potential to excel.



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In partnership with The SOL Foundation, Arsenal in the Community are able to offer a defined amount of scholarship positions on to the Arsenal Gap Year Programme, still available for the year 2022. This includes registration, the training, travel and qualification costs during Stage 1, placements for Stages 2 and 3 and options for a living allowance for the 11-month programme.

Getting a Soccer scholarship is an easy way to make it to the big screen, and become a Gunners Player. You can also get drafted into the National Football team or get a club signing if the best football agents spot you.

How to apply for Arsenal football scholarships online

  • You will need to download the Arsenal Football Club Application form PDF document from Here:

Download Arsenal SOL Scholarship Application Form document pdf Link

  • Print and fill out the form with all your complete corresponding details.
  • You will have to mail back the pdf document to the following address below:

Arsenal Hub
56 Benwell Road
N7 7BA

  • Alternatively, interested persons and aspiring candidates/players can also visit or send the above document to the Arsenal Academy contact page below: https://arsenalfc.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new online to apply.
  • Successful candidates will also need to write reports to comply with both Arsenal in the Community and The SOL Foundations monitoring and evaluation procedures both during their participation and up to a period of two years after the programme has completed.
  • The scholarships are strictly only open to potential participants who would not otherwise have the means to participate on the programme for the 11 -month period whereat applications will be categorised for UK domiciled and internationally domiciled candidates.

What you need to know about the Arsenal Community Scholarship in partnership with SOL

The offer targets to young people who come from deprived backgrounds and/or a lower income family background.

Successful applicants will have verifiably demonstrated that they meet three areas of selection criteria You can gain a scholarship based on your personal background, financial need and ability to demonstrate your full commitment to all parts of the programme including the two years following.

What are the Necessary steps and Chances you must take as an aspiring Player to get a scholarship from Arsenal Youth Academy:

The first steps to qualify for a scholarship is to join a football school or club near you. Arsenal FC Scouts visit football clubs looking for youngsters.

You must also download the Arsenal Scholarship Application form fill out all your corresponding details and send it through email or physical address as described above.

Athletes should post videos of themselves in academia and training. You can also make videos of your training sessions, skills, and competition then email or post with the help of social media. Make sure you tag Arsenal fc on Instagram or Twitter.

Requirements and how to contact Arsenal FC (The Gunners) for an Academy Trial Youth Scholarship.

Arsenal Football Club
Highbury House
75 Drayton Park
N5 1BU

  • Proof of financial need if applying for the Arsenal Academy Scholarships.
  • Always identify with local tryout competitions in your area. An Arsenal Scout could be on the stand and spot you.

Types of Arsenal Football Scholarships:

1. Arsenal College Soccer Scholarships

This scholarship supports your academic and athletic pursuits at the same time. This scholarship is provided based on students’ athletic capabilities while they attend university or high school. In this case, you’ll study for academic qualifications while representing the arsenal fc college team against rivals in tournaments.

2. Arsenal FC Football Academy Scholarships

Arsenal FC Football youth academies are specialized academies that train young athletes to become professional footballers. These academies scout for upcoming talents to fill their ranks, and guess what? They might just be looking for you!

Arsenal Academy Scholarship is available for all countries and nationalities including Africans they also pay attention to aspiring Player social status. Especially, in a situation where the player has shown outstanding skill. One important thing to do while looking to get accepted for Arsenal Academy scholarship is identifying with tryouts, and local clubs/training centers nearest to you.

Benefits of Being Part of Arsenal Academy Scholarship

  • Access to mentoring from renowned sportsmen.
  • World-class fitness facilities and fitness coaches.
  • A more organized and competitive ground to show off their potentials.
  • Stand a better chance of getting noticed by international clubs.
  • Through the Arsenal Football Academy Scholarship, one would not need to bother about the cost of living while training at the academy.
  • Other aspects of sports like management, marketing, branding would also be introduced to the students.
  • It might interest you to know that Arsenal Scholarship Application is free provided you have been accepted into the Academy.
  • Football Scholarships in Europe are very competitive endeavor to put in your best.

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