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What you need to Know About Applying for the Free TransferWise debit card for travelers

by Abbey

   TransferWise’s free debit card is the most ideal debit card for travelers. Whether you go for a working holiday or world trip, this debit card with a free bank account in various countries makes your traveling life easier and cheaper. You can hold about 40 different currencies with it and thus pay practically anywhere with no costs.

TransferWise ‘s new Borderless Account comes with a free debit card that can be used worldwide. The advantage is that you can put different currencies on it and so you can pay anywhere in the world without exchange or payment costs. It really is a limitless debit card.

   The card is linked to your TransferWise Account and/or app so that you can easily and cheaply put money on it. They are, as it were, currency trays from which you pay. If your Australian Dollar box is empty, your American Dollar box will be addressed or your Euro box. You can pay with it as long as you have money, just like with a prepaid credit card.

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Applying for the Free TransferWise debit card for travelers is super easy:

1. Request for free. 
You can apply for this free debit card quickly and easily online.
2. Choose the base currency.
When applying, select the first currency you want on the card and a small amount to start with. It does not matter with which currency you open the account plus card, because other currency can be added after the account activation. You can start with Euros and then activate New Zealand, Australian and American Dollars when I received the card.
3. Receive your Debit card.
 Within a few days, you will receive a small, nice envelope from TransferWise containing the bright green debit card.
4. Activate the card.
You can activate your card via the TransferWise app to prove that you are the applicant.
5. Load Your Card.
Then you put money on it in your base currency or one of the other currencies you want to use, via the app or online.

Put currencies on your card:

If you have activated debit card – ‘debit card’, prepaid credit card or whatever you want to call the card – you can put other currencies on it. And that “putting it on” is virtual. It is not literally on your card, but on your online Borderless Account to which your card is linked.

You can choose from many currencies, including the currency from which your payment comes. To give you some examples…

From Euro to American Dollars

Turn your Euro into American Dollars on your limitless debit card. Pay with iDEAL and it is directly on it.

From NZ Dollar to Australian Dollar

Very easy if you go on holiday to Australia during your working holiday … Or vice versa. You can make one dollar from one dollar. Pay with card or bank transfer and it is almost immediately on it.

Add currencies quickly and easily

Activating new currencies is done with one click. Putting money in that currency is done in a minute. Depending on the base currency (from which you make the payment), you can do it via bank transfer, credit card, debit card, iDEAL, etc. The costs are minimal, as you see in the screenshots above. If you are going to travel to another country, you activate that currency and, for example, convert your Euros to that currency.

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