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Neteller Credit Card review | Available in plastic or virtual (Rate, Cost, Usage Pros and Cons)

by Abbey

Neteller is an online wallet, similar to PayPal. The service is based in England and can be used to participate in online purchases or to transfer money to other users. In addition, the service offers its users the possibility to apply for a prepaid credit card, the Neteller Net+ Card.

With this Neteller credit card, you can pay everywhere where Mastercard is accepted. At the moment, the site is only available in the English language, but as a resident of the Netherlands, France and other international countries, you can use the services of Neteller.

In this review, we will look at how Neteller works and what the pros and cons are.

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How does the Neteller MasterCard work?

The Neteller MasterCard is not for sale in the shop, but only on the Neteller website. As a result, it takes a few days before you receive the credit card. (If you choose for the virtual card, the request will only take a few minutes, see further on in this article).

The application procedure is simple, you create an account and apply for the card. There is no BKR verification and you do not have to provide proof of income.

Because the Neteller card is a prepaid credit card, you first need to top it up after receiving it. You can top up your Neteller card via the following options:

  •     iDEAL
  •     Bank transfer
  •     Paysafecard
  •     Bitcoin
  •     Skrill
  •     Other credit card

It is not possible to top up the card with PayPal. If you want to send a balance from your PayPal account to Neteller, it is best to send the balance of your PayPal account to your bank first and then from your bank to Neteller.

Neteller Virtual Prepaid Mastercard:

The Neteller MasterCard is available as a virtual credit card or as a plastic credit card. With the virtual card, you can only pay online. The advantage of this is that the card can be used immediately upon request. With the virtual card, a maximum of €720 can be spent. After that, it ceases to exist. The first virtual copy is free of charge, subsequent cards cost €2.50 each.

Physical plastic Neteller Mastercard:

The physical plastic Neteller card costs €10 and it takes a few days to get it. With the plastic card, you can also pay offline. For the plastic card, you pay a one-time purchase fee of €10. You can upgrade it indefinitely. Please note: if you do not use the card for more than one year, extra costs will be charged. These are quite substantial.

Neteller Card costs:

The use of the Neteller Card is subject to a fee. The purchase of the card costs €10. Depositing money to your card via iDEAL or by bank transfer costs 2.5% of the amount.

If you want to withdraw money from an ATM with your card, it costs 1.75% of the amount to be withdrawn, but payments online or in a shop are free of charge. However, payments in another currency do incur a charge of 3.99% of the transaction amount.

One-time purchase: €10
Yearly costs: €8
Top up balance: 2.5% (Bank transfer / iDEAL)
Payments: free (euros) / 3.99% (other currencies)
Withdrawing cash from an ATM: 1.75%

Who is the Neteller MasterCard suitable for?

Since the Neteller MasterCard site is only available in English Language, it is recommended that you have a command of English so that you understand the terms of use and the manual. Furthermore, you can only apply for the card online. If all this is not a problem, the Neteller MasterCard is a nice product that is largely equivalent to a regular credit card in use. The usage limits are high (for this you need to verify your identity in your Neteller account), up to several thousand dollars per day and the card is accepted in many places both online and offline.

Advantages of Getting a Neteller Card (Pros)

  • Mastercard payment convenience
  • Wide choice of charging options
  • Relatively safe because you only pay in advance

Disadvantages of Getting a Neteller Card (Cons)

  • Information and help in English only
  • Mandatory account creation
  • hefty fine if you don’t use the card for 12 months

How to Apply for Neteller Virtual or Physical prepaid credit card

Registering with Neteller is quite an experience. Not because it is difficult – on the contrary – but because everything happens online and in a matter of minutes.

You can register and apply via the Official website Here.

Alternatives to Neteller

If you’re looking for a free prepaid credit card, Neteller isn’t your only option. There are several fintech and Neobanks companies that lure clients with free Mastercards. These include the German online mobile bank N26, the Bunq Travel Debit Card, Revolut and Transferwise, which was founded in Estonia. View our reviews of these banks to request the best card for your situation.

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