Home Reviews is Greentrading FX reliable, legit or scam? Investing on the Greentrading FX site is safe or not. my opinions and Trustpilot reviews: Everything you need to know

is Greentrading FX reliable, legit or scam? Investing on the Greentrading FX site is safe or not. my opinions and Trustpilot reviews: Everything you need to know

by Abbey

In the past few weeks, I have received several requests from Soccergist.net readers who were considering investing on the Greentrading FX website. These individuals were intrigued by the portal’s promises of effortless earnings, but also wanted to ascertain the site’s safety and reliability. In response to their inquiries, I conducted some research on the  site and am now prepared to share my findings with all interested parties. Without further ado, let’s delve into everything we know.



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What does Greentrading FX sell?

The site in question does not offer any products for sale. It is, in fact, a Greentrading FX site that, as previously mentioned, makes promises of substantial earnings without any exertion required. As we all know, however, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Anyone who guarantees significant profits without any work is likely attempting to scam you. This is likely the situation with Greentrading FX. Nonetheless, let’s proceed with our review of the portal.

How does  it work?

Users are typically requested to make a small investment at the onset, similar to any other website of this kind. Initially, the earnings may appear to be legitimate and substantial, prompting users to invest even more to attain larger profits. However, when the amounts become significant, the earnings cease without any logical explanation. This naturally causes users to become anxious, and they attempt to withdraw both their invested and earned money but are unable to do so. As a result, users abruptly find themselves having lost a considerable amount of money with no chance of recuperating it.

Testimonials from People Scammed by Greentrading FX:

After making an initial investment on the platform, they started asking me for additional deposits to release my profits.

I invested 100 euros, and after a while they told me my profit was 2800. Then they asked for 420 euros to release the money, followed by another request for 185 euros. Finally, yesterday they demanded another 350 euros to give me the money I had earned.

The problems reported by users:

Those who have invested on this site report that:

  • initially you earn a lot, every day
  • after the initial times, the company asks to invest more
  • those who no longer pay money are insistently contacted by the company to continue paying
  • those who decide to withdraw, simply cannot do it
  • in fact, the money invested is lost
  • there is no way to recover the money

Greentrading FX Reviews : Is it Reliable?

As is always recommended, it’s better to read reviews from other users before making any investments, especially on a website. Trustpilot is known to be the most reliable and secure site for analyzing website and business reviews, but unfortunately, Greentrading FX is not listed on Trustpilot.

After conducting a thorough online search, I found some user comments (SEE HERE) about Greentrading FX that claimed it is a scam site. Based on the information I found on the net, the site does not seem reliable or safe at this time.


It is evident that I cannot determine the veracity of these comments, but they are the only ones I have come across online. Moreover, I haven’t found any positive comments about this platform in general.

How do you make payment/invest?

Another way to determine whether a website is secure is by checking its accepted payment methods, among which PayPal should be included. Unfortunately, Greentrading FX does not accept PayPal.

Instead, investments are made via bank transfer and cryptocurrency, which are both considered insecure ways to make online payments.

Contact details of Greentrading FX scammers

  • Laura martin
  • +1 802-586-0654 (ou 0018025860654)

Where we are based?

Before making a purchase on an unfamiliar website, it is important to verify the location of the company headquarters. However, I was unable to find any information regarding the location of the headquarters of this company.

Domain analysis

The final step to take before making a purchase on a new website is to check the credibility and age of the domain ( SEE HERE ). As of October 2022, the site was recently opened, so it’s a relatively young site.

Conclusions: Greentrading FX reliable site?

Based on the findings of this analysis, it is my opinion that the Greentrading FX website is NOT a reliable site. Personally, I would not invest in the portal, but this is only my personal opinion based on the research I have conducted. If positive reviews, comments or opinions are received about this website, I am available to update and modify the article accordingly. However, currently, no such positive feedback has been found. In the event that the company wishes to contact me directly to clarify the situation and address any doubts or questions, I would be happy to update the article to provide reassurance to those who have already made purchases on the site or intend to do so.

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