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is Sepfoot.com reliable, legit or scam? Buying on Sepfoot.com site is safe or not, my opinions and Trustpilot reviews: everything you need to know

by Abbey

In recent weeks, I have received several requests from soccergist.net readers seeking assistance with shopping on the Sepfoot.com website. These users were drawn to the website due to its attractive and convenient prices, but were unsure whether it was a safe and reliable platform.



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As always, I have endeavored to provide my readers with the information they need, and have conducted research on the Sepfoot.com site. Now, I am ready to share what I have learned, so that anyone interested in making a purchase can determine whether or not it is a secure and trustworthy platform.

Without further ado, let’s delve into what we know about Sepfoot.com.

The site link

This is currently the link to the home of the site we are analyzing:


What does Sepfoot.com sell?

The website offers a variety of NIKE shoes, and other items, at significantly lower prices than other competitors. In fact, the prices are highly competitive and even lower than those found on Amazon and other comparable sites. This is precisely why so many users are interested in shopping on this platform – to save money.

However, as with any online purchase, if the prices seem too good to be true, there is always the risk of being scammed or receiving counterfeit products.

Sepfoot.com : problems and scams reported by users

Those who have bought on this site report that:

  • the company does not ship the purchased products
  • it is impossible to contact the company
  • it is impossible to get a refund
  • improperly use the NIKE trademark

The comments/reports of those who have been scammed:

“I paid 116 euros on this site to buy a pair of shoes, but after 16 days I received a package containing a woman’s winter hat from a company called “Sepfoot” and “Sepwear”. It was not the shoes I had ordered and paid for.”

“I received a purchase confirmation email from the site after paying by credit card, but I never received my order.”

These are just a few examples of the scams that have been reported by other users who have used this service. It is always important to exercise caution when shopping online and to thoroughly research any website or vendor before making a purchase.

Sepfoot.com Reviews : Is it Trustworthy?

As always, it is important to check online reviews before making a purchase on a website. Trustpilot is a reliable and trustworthy platform for analyzing website and business reviews. However, in the case of Sepfoot.com, the website is not listed on Trustpilot.

After conducting a deeper search online, I was able to find some user comments (which can be viewed here) that suggest Sepfoot.com is a scam site. Based on the information I have gathered from the internet thus far, it appears that the site may not be reliable or secure.


It is important to note that I cannot confirm the veracity of these comments, as they are the only ones I have found online.

What payments does Sepfoot.com accept?

Another factor to consider when determining the safety of a website is the availability of secure payment methods, including PayPal. In the case of Sepfoot.com, it is worth noting that PayPal is not an accepted payment method. Instead, payments must be made in advance by credit card.

Sepfoot.com contact and customer support

Another aspect to consider before buying on a website is the ease of contacting customer service.

  • There is NO online chat.
  • There is NO return form.
  • There is NO phone number.

There is an email address to use to get in touch with the company: service@sepfoot.com
On the social side, there are NO links to Facebook or Instagram pages.

Sepfoot.com – Who we are and where we are based

Another important step before making purchases on an unfamiliar website is to verify its location, preferably in Italy.

In this case, I discovered a possibly fake address associated with the website: 820W Stacy Rd #365 Allen, TX 7501.

Domain analysis

The last thing to do before buying on a new site is to check the reliability and age of the domain. The site was opened in November 2021 , so it has been open for a long time.

Conclusions: is Sepfoot.com a legit site?

Based on the findings of this analysis, it is my opinion that Sepfoot.com is not a reliable website. Personally, I would not recommend shopping on this site. However, this is just my individual assessment based on the research conducted. If any positive reviews or comments about the site become available, I am willing to update and amend the article accordingly. As of now, I have not come across any such feedback. In the event that the company wishes to reach out to me directly to address any concerns or doubts, I would be more than happy to modify the article to provide reassurance to potential and existing customers.

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